LPA Membership Survey Results

By Susan Thompson

A total of 503 Lake Panorama Association members responded to an online survey last November and December. In all, 92 percent of respondents finished all questions of the survey. The average time spent on the survey was 7 minutes, 44 seconds.

Ninety percent of respondents said they own a home at Lake Panorama, with the other 10 percent owning just a lot. Of those who own a home, 52 percent said they are full-time residents, with 27 saying they are seasonal residents, 13 percent saying occasional resident and eight percent are non-resident.

Twenty percent of those responding to the survey were under 50 years of age, with 27 percent in the 50-60 age range, and 53 percent over 60 years old.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents own waterfront property at Lake Panorama, with the remaining 32 percent owning offshore property.

Considering the cost of living at Lake Panorama, 69 percent rated it good or excellent. Another 25 percent said it is fair, and two percent said the Lake Panorama cost of living is poor. Four percent said they don’t know. 

When looking at the quality of LPA-owned facilities, 89 percent rated these as either good or excellent. Another nine percent rated LPA facilities fair, with just one percent each in the “poor” or “don’t know” categories.

Considering the leadership of both LPA staff and board of directors, 84 percent said they believe it is either good or excellent. Another nine percent rated the leadership as fair, with one percent ranking leadership as poor. Another six percent said they don’t know.

Ninety-eight percent said they are somewhat or very likely to recommend Lake Panorama to a friend or family member. Just two percent of respondents said they are not likely to do so.

Turning to the use of Lake Panorama amenities, 83 percent said they participate in pleasure boating (slow cruises); 67 percent participate in tubing; 53 percent use Coulter Marine for service or storage; 53 percent use at least one of the three LPA beaches; 50 percent water ski; 31 percent use personal water crafts such as jet skis; 17 percent wake surf; and seven percent rent a slip or jetty space at the marina.

Twenty-three percent of respondents said they use the swimming pool at Lake Panorama National, and five percent use one of the two LPA campgrounds.

The survey uncovered some interesting golf-related statistics. Seventy-two of respondents said they eat at the Lake Panorama National conference center. Forty-four percent of respondents play golf at Panorama West, which represents a total of 215 survey respondents. There were 209 respondents — 43 percent — who said they play golf at Lake Panorama National.

A total of 115 people said they play golf at both the 9-hole Panorama West course and the 18-hole LPN course. Drilling a little deeper, the survey showed 52 percent of Panorama West players are under 60 years of age, with 48 percent over 60 years old. About 44 percent of players come from the east side of Lake Panorama, with 56 percent from the west side. These statistics show Panorama West isn’t just for older players, nor people who live on the west side. In addition, 81 percent of Panorama West golfers said they come to Lake Panorama National to eat.

At Lake Panorama National, 52 percent of golfers are under 60 years of age, with 48 percent over 60. This is the same demographic breakdown as Panorama West, which shows neither is the “old golfers’ course” nor the “young golfers’ course.” LPN does draw most of its players from the east side of Lake Panorama, with 72 percent coming from the east side and 28 percent from the west side. In addition, 88 percent of LPN golfers reported also eating at the LPN.

The LPA board of directors is considering a plan to upgrade the LPA water plant to ensure an adequate supply of high quality drinking water for customers well into the future. A series of questions was included in the survey to help determine what members already know about this project, plus gather their input.

The survey asked members to check all items that applied to their experience with LPA drinking water, not including times when LPA staff was flushing water hydrants. Negative observations about LPA drinking water included 55 percent experienced calcium buildup on fixtures; 38 percent experienced undesirable taste in their water; 32 percent experienced premature replacement of water heater or other fixtures due to hardness; 28 percent experienced brown or black discoloration in water; and 27 percent experienced undesirable odor/smell in their water.

When asked about overall satisfaction with LPA drinking water, only 5.5 percent of respondents said they are very satisfied; 50 percent are satisfied; 27 percent are dissatisfied; 9.5 percent are very dissatisfied; and 8 percent didn’t have an opinion.

Information about the proposed water infrastructure project was included in the survey, then members were asked to rate their understanding of this potential project. Fifty-seven percent said their understanding was good or excellent, with 36 percent saying their understanding was fair or poor, and seven didn’t know.

When asked about their level of support for the proposed water infrastructure project, 68 percent said they are supportive, 19 percent are not supportive, and 14 didn’t know.

The water infrastructure project will require some increase in rates to water customers. The survey asked respondents to gauge their level of support for a $75 to $90 increase in water rates. The survey results showed 52 percent were supportive, 28 percent were not supportive, and 10 percent didn’t know.

Next, the survey asked about support for a flat assessment against all memberships, including undeveloped lots, to fund a portion of the project. Sixty-one percent were supportive, with 31 percent not supporting this concept, and 8 percent not expressing an opinion.

Of note is that the 52 percent who support an increase in rates represents 246 respondents. Of those 246 respondents, 200 also support a flat assessment. In other words, more than 80 percent of those who support increased rates also support a flat assessment.

The survey also asked for opinions on boat length, motor size and water safety. More details on that portion of the survey will be shared in the April Lake Panorama Times.