Plans Underway for 2017 LPA Board of Directors Election

By Susan Thompson

The Lake Panorama Association is governed by a seven-member board of directors. Board terms are three years, and members are allowed to serve two consecutive terms. Terms are staggered so the number of seats on the annual ballot varies each year.

For 2017, there will be two seats on the ballot. Bob Batschelet will be completing a three-year term on the board and has stated he won’t seek a second term. Tom Jeschke also is a completing a three-year term on the board, and has stated he will submit nomination papers to run for a second term. Jeschke previously served two consecutive three-year terms.

Mary Jane Carothers also has declared her intention to run for election on the 2017 ballot.

Nomination papers are available at the LPA office, or will be emailed on request. Candidates must collect a minimum of 18 signatures, representing 18 separate active memberships. The papers must be submitted to the LPA office by March 14.

Along with the nomination form, candidates are asked to submit a signed statement of willingness to serve, and a 100-word statement of qualifications. Also needed is a signed conflict-of-interest form listing any businesses or financial interests the candidate has with the LPA. This form is available at the LPA office or via email. These items will be included in the ballot mailing.  

To provide information about themselves to voters, the LPA provides a couple of free options. Candidates can request a set of mailing labels from the LPA office for all members. The LPA also offers candidates the opportunity to send a photo and personal statement through its website email system, which currently serves nearly 1,100 of the association’s 1,700 members.

Some board candidates also choose to advertise in the Lake Panorama Times.  

A mailing that includes the ballot, numbered envelope and the official announcement of the May 13 annual meeting will be sent in April. LPA members must return their completed ballot in the numbered envelope. Members are urged to return their ballots in advance of the annual meeting to speed up the tabulation process, although ballots also can be brought to the annual meeting.

Board meetings are generally held the fourth Tuesday of each month, beginning with open forum at 5 p.m., although the day and time sometimes is adjusted, as needed. The board does not meet in January or February, unless a special meeting is necessary.

Anyone with questions about the board election process, or details of serving on the LPA board, can contact the LPA office at 641-755-2301 or