Rain Delays Concrete Pour for Sports Courts

The LPA maintenance staff used a transit to determine how much fill material was needed in various locations. Key components of the prep work were making sure the ground is level, and will drain properly. Members of the Lake Panorama Association maintenance crew are shown preparing the ground for the new sports courts.The location for the new sports courts at Boulder Beach is just west of Panorama Drive and south of the road leading into the beach area.

By Susan Thompson

Frequent rains in September and early October have forced a delay in the sports courts concrete pour at Boulder Beach. The resulting wet conditions delayed other projects on the concrete vendor’s schedule, so it wasn’t possible to get to Lake Panorama by mid-October, as originally planned.

Now the hope is weather will cooperate, and the vendor can get to the sports courts project by the end of October or early November. 

Members of the Lake Panorama Association maintenance crew worked for several days over the last few weeks on ground preparation for the courts. Sod was removed, measurements taken, drainage issues addressed, and fill material brought in to raise the location and allow for proper drainage

In the process, a decision was made to “flip” the original design of the single tennis court and two pickleball courts. These three courts form a “T” with the pickleball courts originally planned to be on the west side, with the tennis court on the east.

An existing drainage line that runs diagonally from the road ditch along Panorama Drive to the lake didn’t allow enough room for the larger tennis court to be on the west. The solution was to place the pickleball courts nearest Panorama Drive, with the tennis court to the west.    

Now the ground preparation is mostly complete, although the recent rains will require some touchup work in advance of the concrete pour. Once the concrete is done, the courts will be surfaced with a combination of blue and green sport court PowerGame surface tiles, and fencing installed.

The courts will include one regulation tennis court with white lines. Two regulation pickleball courts will be adjacent, also with white lines. These three courts will be inside the same fenced enclosure.

A separate fence will surround a basketball court that is slightly smaller than regulation size. It will feature two half courts with Goalsetter MVP basketball systems and white lines. There will be some space between the two fenced court areas, with plans to install at least two benches between the courts.

The $150,000 project is being financed by $75,000 in private donations raised by Friends of Lake Panorama, plus a $75,000 match from the Lake Panorama Association.

LPA staff is managing the project in consultation with Friends of Lake Panorama. The location is south of the road leading into Boulder Beach, and east of the restrooms.

Friends of Lake Panorama continues to solicit donations for the sports courts project, which will be used to help pay for additional expenses such as benches and signage. While donations of all sizes are welcome, only donors of $500 or more are recognized on the Friends website. A sign listing these larger donors will be installed next spring near the courts.

Donations can be made in someone’s memory or in honor of someone. Checks can be mailed to PO Box 488, Panora, Iowa, 50216. Donations also can be accepted electronically on the website at www.friendsoflakepanorama.org.

Donations of securities (stocks, mutual funds, etc.) are welcome, and will be sold once transferred, with the proceeds deposited into the Friends bank account. A securities account has been established with GCSB Investment Center in Panora.

Friends of Lake Panorama is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity that is separate from the Lake Panorama Association, and has a goal of improving recreational amenities at Lake Panorama. All contributions are tax deductible, and donors receive a receipt for tax preparation purposes. Email questions or comments to staff@friendsoflakepanorama.org