Sports Courts Update from LPA Project Manager

By Susan Thompson

New sports courts will be constructed at Boulder Beach this spring. Friends of Lake Panorama raised $75,000 for the project, and the Lake Panorama Association is matching that amount to complete the full $150,000 project. Site preparation was done in September by the LPA staff. In this month’s Q&A, Brad Halterman, LPA project manager, provides an update, since this is one of many projects he is overseeing for the LPA in 2018.

Q: Let’s start with you telling us about the court sizes and how they will be configured.

The Sports Court Complex will consist of one tennis court, two pickleball courts and one basketball court. The basketball court will be 80 ft. 5 in. long by 50 ft. 3 in. wide, and be fenced separately from the other courts. It will have two internal adjustable Signature Series Goalsetter MVP basketball system hoops with acrylic backboards, breakaway goals and black pole pads.

Just to the south of the basketball court will be the tennis court. The tennis court slab will be 110 ft. 6 in. long by 56 ft. 3 in. wide with a regulation-sized tennis court on it. The tennis court will be equipped with one Douglas Sports Premier XS Tennis post system with a tapered tennis net, deluxe center strap with anchor, and aluminum ground sleeves.

To the east of the tennis court will be a connected slab that is 60 ft. 4 in. long by 62 ft. 4 in. wide. This slab will house the two pickleball courts. The pickleball courts will have two Douglas Sports Pickleball post systems with nets and aluminum ground sleeves. The tennis court and pickleball courts will be fenced as one.

The area between the basketball court and tennis court also will be cemented. This will provide a place for two benches, and perhaps a picnic table and trash receptacle.

Q: Where are the courts located?

The Sports Courts will be located at the Boulder Beach area, just south of the road into the beach and east of parking lot. That location was chosen because of the ample nearby parking and close proximity to the beach, sand volleyball, playground and shelter houses. The Courts will be on a slab that provides proper drainage on all four sides and is easily accessible, all while avoiding existing drainage tile and utilities.

Q: What type of surface is going on top of the concrete? 

The surfacing of the Sport Courts will consist of 13,880 Sport Court Power Game outdoor surfacing modules. The court is made of high impact copolymer polypropylene suspended modules with a positive locking system and wide-gap patented “lateral” forgiveness. Each open-grid slip resistant module is 12” X 12” X 5/8” and comes with a 15-year limited warranty. The tile colors will be a mixture of blue and green, with white court lines painted on.

I have been asked how a basketball, tennis ball or pickleball will bounce off of this court material compared to other surfaces. My answer is “just fine.” I have played basketball and tennis on these courts and they performed great. Every flooring or surfacing performs differently whether it be modular, rubber, sheet vinyl, tartan, concrete, wood or Sport Court. This type of surfacing gives Lake Panorama the best bang for the buck as far as usability, performance, life of material, warranty and safety.

Q: Are there plans for players to be able to reserve the courts?

There are currently no plans to maintain a reservation system that is similar to tee times on the golf course. However, LPA has discussed the possibility of allowing a standing reservation for any leagues that are open to LPA members and set a recurring schedule for league play. For example, a pickleball league could request a standing reservation for Tuesday mornings. The need for formal scheduling is something LPA can revisit as we gain a better understanding of usage patterns.

Q: What is the construction timeline for this spring?

As with any major project there are stages that need to take place to get the project finished. The pad is built and will be touched up early this spring as soon as weather breaks. We are first on the list with the concrete contractor for spring 2018 for him to form and pour the concrete pad. This will take place when the weather breaks for a good window to pour the concrete.

The concrete will have to sit for a few days and then the Sports Court tiles will be laid on top of the concrete and painted. When the paint dries, the basketball hoops, poles and nets will be put in. When that part is done the fencing company will come in and get the fence up. All of these stages will be done when the one before it is finished, and the suppliers can work it into their schedules. The plan is to work with each contractor for each part of the project and get it done as soon as possible, yet not rush things to get an inferior finished product.

As usual, Iowa weather will have a lot to say about when we are able to finish the project. But we hope play can be underway on the courts sometime in May, or at least early June.