Trees Donated at Panorama West

Barb and Virgil Hoehne are shown with one of the two tulip trees they donated last year through Friends of Lake Panorama. The other is behind them, in the same line of trees along the eighth hole.

By Susan Thompson

In fall 2017, Virgil and Barb Hoehne made a donation through Friends of Lake Panorama, which resulted in two new trees being added to the Panorama West golf course.

Two tulip trees, valued at $700, were planted in an existing tree line along the north side of the fairway leading to the eighth green. The new trees replaced others that had died in previous years.  

Two weeping willow trees behind the first green were donated in 2016 by Jan Hoobin, given in memory of her husband Ed. In 2017, Helen McCord donated a flowering crabapple tree, as a way to celebrate her 90th birthday. It’s planted to the east of the par-3 tee box on the ninth hole.

In 2016, nine Kentucky Coffee trees were transplanted from the LPN tree nursery. These were possible because of a tree nursery established and financed in 2009 by Charles and Judith Schnack.

Six of the Kentucky Coffee trees were planted on the second hole, with one near the green. The other five are on the right side of the fairway, in an area where several ash trees are located. The other three trees were planted on the north side of the third green.

There are 60 ash trees on the course. Ten of those are being treated annually in an effort to save them, but it’s expected at least 50 will die in the coming years. In addition, other trees on the course are overgrown or in poor condition.

Areas where new trees are desired have been identified. Anyone interested in donating either cash or trees to Friends of Lake Panorama to help beautify the Panorama West golf course can email to discuss. Or send a check to Friends at PO Box 488, Panora, IA 50216.