Use of Fireworks Without Permit Can Result in LPA Nuisance Fine

By LPA Staff

The summer months at Lake Panorama bring many fun and exciting times for LPA members, families and guests. Outdoor activities are numerous with only the unpredictable Iowa weather guiding those activities. Planned and scheduled events abound both at Lake Panorama and throughout Guthrie and surrounding counties.

As we get closer to the Fourth of July holiday, the use of fireworks becomes more prevalent. Although it has been debated legislatively at the state level for the past couple of years, Iowa’s Law (Code 727.2) still considers the use of fireworks a simple misdemeanor, except for snakes and sparklers.

The use of fireworks was reviewed by the LPA board at its May 24 meeting. Fireworks proved to be a challenging discussion as the board wants everyone to enjoy themselves, but the board also has as its top priority the safety of the LPA community, its members, families, guests and property.

The LPA board determined fireworks can and will be considered a nuisance under LPA rules, if the usage causes complaints by other LPA members. A nuisance violation can carry a monetary fine. Some members expect their neighbors might use fireworks on the night of the LPA-sanctioned Independence Day show, but the use of fireworks for multiple nights on the holiday weekend, or other times during the summer, is unappreciated by many members.

Members have experienced damage to their property by someone else’s use of illegal fireworks. Burned holes in boat lift tarps, boat seats and patio furniture are just some of the damage members have reported. The noise of fireworks after 11 p.m. also constitutes a nuisance activity. Neighbors or others in the area might find fireworks disturbing and that can extend to family pets.

If a bottle rocket is set off into the sky, odds are it will land on someone else’s property. Members should remember they are liable for damage caused by themselves, or their guests. Respect the investment your neighbors and fellow members have made in their property. If you use illegal fireworks, and it offends your neighbors or other members, you will be required by LPA security to stop under the LPA’s nuisance rules.

The mixing of illegal fireworks and alcohol makes for a heightened chance of damaging neighboring property and passing boats and is especially discouraged. The risk of personal injury to members, both bystanders and self, is significantly increased also.  

The LPA hosts two fireworks shows during the year. The Independence Day fireworks show, which will be held on Saturday, July 2, is coordinated by the Scheiring family and funded by LPA member donations. The Panorama Days fireworks show, which will be held on Friday, August 5, is co-sponsored by LPA and The Port. Both of these displays are subcontracted out to J&M Displays, an experienced vendor who ensures appropriate insurance and permits are in-place.

The LPA wants everyone to enjoy the summer months here at Lake Panorama and take advantage of all that it offers, but complaints filed regarding illegal fireworks usage will be deemed a nuisance by the LPA. Please enjoy your summer celebrations – but do so in a manner that respects the safety of your neighbors and their property.