Friends of Lake Panorama Surpasses Goal with $23K Raised

Guests visited as the Friends of Lake Panorama Beach Ball got underway May 6. Proceeds from the event completed fundraising for a new playground at Sunset Beach.
By Ashley Schable
Friends of Lake Panorama’s first annual “The Beach Ball” rolled out a bouncing “Fun-Raiser” with proceeds to help build a new playground at Sunset Beach. Guests flocked to the beach-themed party May 6 at Lake Panorama National Conference Center. Inside the weather was perfect and guests arrived decked out in sunglasses, shorts and skirts, with many enticed by the rays to purchase tickets through eight fun-raising options.

Swimming Pool at LPN Open for the Season

By Susan Thompson 
The swimming pool and spa on the south side of the Lake Panorama National conference center is open for the season, and expected to remain open until the end of September. Pool hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Private pool parties can be scheduled in two-hour increments at a cost of $150. 
The pool is a cooperative effort between the Clover Ridge Interval Owners Association and the Lake Panorama Association, with operations handled by Lake Panorama National. 

Panorama West Golf Course and Clubhouse Updates

The Panorama West clubhouse was built in 1997. Besides the pro shop, it houses a full kitchen and community room.

By Susan Thompson

A lot has changed at the Panorama West Golf Course since it first opened in 1971. What began as a nine-hole par-3 course now offers the option of playing five of the holes as a par-4. The present clubhouse was completed in 1997 in the middle of the nine-hole layout, which led to the course being rearranged.

The Lake Panorama Association owns the facility, and managed it until 2013, when the operation was placed under the Lake Panorama National umbrella. Again this season, several updates and improvements are underway.


LPN Inn Gets Extensive Makeover

Two truckloads of furniture and appliances were delivered to the LPN Inn in mid-March as part of the updates made to the 27-room motel.

By Susan Thompson

The Lake Panorama National Inn, located on Karen Drive south of the LPN conference center, recently received $125,000 in upgrades. There are 27 rooms in the two-story motel, which was built in the mid-1980s by Irv Gerlich.

To raise money for other portions of the LPN operation, Gerlich later sold the individual motel rooms to private owners. There currently are 13 owners who sign individual annual contracts with the LPN, which in turn manages the motel room rentals. Owners receive payments twice a year for their portion of the rental proceeds.

Brokers International Iowa Open August 18-21

By Susan Thompson

Planning is underway for the 2016 Brokers International Iowa Open to be held at Lake Panorama National Golf Resort Aug. 18-21.

This is the seventh year Brokers International has been the lead sponsor for this tournament at the LPN. During this time, the tournament has hosted the top professionals and amateurs from Iowa, plus expanded to include top golfers from outside of Iowa. Again this year, there will be a $25,000 purse for the top professional.