Friends of Lake Panorama Board Makes Push for Sunset Beach Donations

The Friends of Lake Panorama is raising money to build this destination playground at Sunset Beach. A special mailing sent to all LPA members provides more details, and includes a donation guide.

By Susan Thompson

At its June 15 board meeting, the Friends of Lake Panorama board of directors voted to take steps to promote additional donations for a playground at Sunset Beach. One step is a letter that has arrived in the mailboxes of all Lake Panorama property owners. In the letter, Kirk Fischer, current president of the Friends board, said “everyone within the Lake Panorama community has a vested interest in recreational amenities that contribute to the community’s ongoing success.”

Dinnebier Inducted into Waterloo Golf Hall of Fame

John Dinnebier

By Susan Thompson

John Dinnebier, Lake Panorama National general manager and director of golf, has been inducted into the Waterloo Golf Hall of Fame. He was honored July 18 in conjunction with the 82nd annual Waterloo Open. Dinnebier was born in 1967 in Waterloo, and began his golf career at the age of 3 playing golf with his father and two brothers. His parents, Paul and Zelda, continue to live in Waterloo.