Guthrie County Historical Village is "Hidden Gem"

The Guthrie County Historical Village is open seasonally from May 1 to October 15. Located on the southwest edge of Panora, it includes 12 buildings and thousands of items of historical significance.

By Susan Thompson

The year 2018 will mark two 50th anniversaries in the Panora area. Not only will the Lake Panorama Association be celebrating 50 years, so will the Guthrie County Historical Village.

The Village core is located on a four-acre site on the southwest side of Panora. It got its start when the Panora Depot was abandoned by the Milwaukee Railroad and donated to the Panora Lions Club. Through a community effort, the depot was moved to its current location in 1968.

Behind the Scenes Employee Keeps Technology Running Smoothly

Royce Shaffer

By Susan Thompson

In today’s world, successful businesses must have people who can manage ever-changing technology. At the Lake Panorama Association and Lake Panorama National, that person is Royce Shaffer. Here he answers questions about ways technology helps these two entities keep up with members and guests.  

Q. Tell us about your educational background and family.

Cy-Hawk Battle Brings Community Together for the Win


The Cy-Hawk battle in Panora on Lake Panorama’s Boulder Beach was fierce. Both teams entered the game unbeaten. The beach was packed. That’s how it is with the biggest athletic event in the state of Iowa, it’s more than just a game. It brings a community together. In the end, Panora won. 

“Panora scored big,” said Maureen Lubeck, one of several volunteers on the local RVTV committee made up of  Panora Chamber members, who helped organize WHO-TV Channel 13’s RVTV in Panora on Monday, Sept. 4. 

Solheim Cup Visitors Experience "Iowa Nice"

During a visit to the Britches n’ Bows Country Store, owner Kandi Meinicke snapped a picture of the foursome in front of a nearby cornfield. Pictured left to right are Lisa Leiby, Melonie Whitaker, Leigh Florez and Pattie Jenkins.

By Susan Thompson

The 2017 Solheim Cup held at the Des Moines Golf and Country Club August 14-20 set an attendance record. Fans visited from more than 25 countries, with half the attendees coming from outside of Iowa,

Some of those out-of-state visitors found accommodations at the Clover Ridge Resort, which has offices at the Lake Panorama National conference center. Clover Ridge is an interval owner resort, and people who own vacation weeks elsewhere can trade into Clover Ridge.

Estate Gifts from Former Lake Panorama Couple Distributed

Four members of the Friends of Lake Panorama board of directors were on hand to accept the gift that will be used at the Panorama West golf course. Pictured left to right are Jody Muench, Emily Spradling, Kim Lubeck, and Jan Reinicke. Check presenters were William Bump, who handled the McLuen estate; nephews Steve McLuen and Eric McLuen; sister-in-law Dru McLuen; and Dave Grove, Edward Jones.

By Susan Thompson

A couple who wintered in Florida and spent their summers at Lake Panorama left behind a legacy that will have a lasting impact on six Panora groups, plus some students attending Drake University.

James and Joyce McLuen both died in 2016. The McLuens were some of the first homesteaders at Lake Panorama. Their home was located near Sunset Beach, and they enjoyed boating, fishing and golfing.

LPA Updates Offered at GM Coffee

By Susan Thompson

A “Coffee with the GM” session was held September 7 at the Lake Panorama National conference center. John Rutledge, Lake Panorama Association general manager, provided an update on LPA activities, plus responded to audience questions.

Rutledge said during 2017 the dredge removed 185,000 cubic yards of sediment from Lake Panorama’s upper basin and the Middle Raccoon River between the debris trap and the Fansler bridge. The dredge has moved to Burchfield Cove, where it will operate through October, and perhaps into November.

Sports Courts Construction Underway

This graphic shows the layout for the new sports courts at Boulder Beach. The courts will include a single regulation tennis court, and two regulation pickleball courts. The adjacent basketball court will be slightly smaller than regulation size. All courts will be fenced, plus topped with PowerGame sports courts tiles.

By Susan Thompson

Ground preparation for the new sports courts at Boulder Beach has begun, and plans are to have the concrete surfaces poured before the end of September. Soon after, the courts will be surfaced with a combination of blue and green sport court PowerGame surface tiles, and fencing installed.

The courts will include one regulation tennis court with white lines. Two regulation pickleball courts will be adjacent, also with white lines. These three courts will be inside the same fenced enclosure.

Upgrades to Lake Panorama Water Plant Being Considered

By Susan Thompson

Construction of the Lake Panorama water plant began in 1969, the same year work on the Lake Panorama dam got underway. Since then, the operation has become increasingly complex. Mike Gliem, who supervisors the Lake Panorama Water Company, answers questions about potential updates to the water operation.

Q: Tell us about LPA’s current water treatment system.