2018 Lake Panorama Golf League Options

By Susan Thompson

At our house, a good way to keep the winter blahs at bay is to look ahead to the next golf season. Fortunately for those who live at Lake Panorama, we have two great golf courses and several golf league options to consider.

The Lake Panorama Association owns two courses – the 18-hole Lake Panorama National on the east side of the lake, and the 9-hole Panorama West on the west side. Both courses are operated by the LPN, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the LPA.

Strahan Home Decorated for the Holidays at Lake Panorama

The vaulted great room in the Strahan home features open arched beams and a stone wood-burning fireplace.

By Ashley Schable 

Reid and Cindy Strahan have been building homes in Ankeny and the Greater Des Moines area since 1986. They work as a team to build the dream home of their customers, and in 2016 completed construction of their own dream home at Lake Panorama. 

They transformed their place at 5147 Panorama Drive on the east side of the lake into a home for the holidays in December as one of four homes featured on the Women for Panora’s Future (WFPF) Holiday Home Tour. 

1972 Lake Panorama Home Remains in the Family

Shawn Briggs is shown on the deck of the Lake Panorama home her grandparents built in 1972, and where she lives today.

By Susan Thompson

A small weekend cabin built in the early 1970s on Lake Panorama remains in the same family today. Shawn Briggs has lived full-time in the home the past 12 years, after she and her five children moved from Bondurant.

Her grandparents started looking for a lot at Lake Panorama in 1970, bought one in 1971 and the home was completed a year later. It was one of four homes featured on the Women For Panora’s Future (WFPF) holiday home tour in early December.

Special Pricing on 2018 Golf Memberships through January

By Susan Thompson  

There are two great golf courses at Lake Panorama, both offering annual memberships at affordable, competitive rates. Lake Panorama National is an 18-hole course located on the east side of Lake Panorama. Panorama West is a nine-hole course on the west side of the lake. Both courses are owned by the Lake Panorama Association, and managed by Lake Panorama National.

Home Beer Brewing Spawns New Club, Friendships

Dana and Mark Buster are shown with the four-tap kegerator Mark built out of a chest freezer for use with his home brewed beer. Hanging on the nearby post are medals and ribbons he collected for placing first and second in some beer brewing competitions in Colorado.

By Susan Thompson

Homebrewing beer has been around for centuries. The introduction of Prohibition in 1920, which banned the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages, made homebrewing even more popular. Though Prohibition was repealed in 1933, making your own beer still was illegal until 1978. That’s when President Jimmy Carter signed a bill that allows adults to produce wine and beer for personal and family use. 

Friends of Lake Panorama Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

By Susan Thompson

Friends of Lake Panorama is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity dedicated to supporting recreational amenities at Lake Panorama. The charity is separate from the Lake Panorama Association, and is governed by a volunteer, seven-member board of directors. In this month’s Q&A, Jan Reinicke, current Friends president, talks about completed projects, current priorities and future goals.

Q. The fourth anniversary of the Friends of Lake Panorama is coming soon. Tell us about the timeline of events.

Small Town Diner Gets Second Lease on Life

Andrew Luce is the bar manager at Harvey’s Diner and Pub. He drove to Redfield from Colorado with the original plan of spending two weeks to help get the bar setup, and eventually decided to stay.

By Susan Thompson

This is the sort of tale that delights those of us who love small town Iowa living. It’s the story of how a diner in Redfield closed, and a couple living in New York decided to reopen it. The woman in this tale is a native Iowan, and now the sixth generation to live on the family’s Sunny Crest Century Farm.

As soon as Katie Harvey graduated in 1995 from West Central Valley in Stuart, she headed to New York City to study musical theater and voice. She took a part-time job in a video and music store, where she met Rick Martinez, who grew up in the Bronx.