Lake Panorama Water Company is Complex Business

By Susan Thompson

Construction of the Lake Panorama water plant began in 1969, the same year work on the Lake Panorama dam got underway. Since then, the operation has become increasingly complex. Mike Gliem, who supervisors the Lake Panorama Water Company, the dam and the LPA building codes, answers questions about the water operation.

Q. First, tell us about yourself. How long have you been working for the LPA, and what are your current responsibilities? 

2017 Golf Memberships Now Available

By Susan Thompson

Early plans for the Lake Panorama development included two golf courses, one on each side of the lake. In the late 1960s, Richard Watson was hired to design both. The result was the 18-hole Lake Panorama National on the east, and the 9-hole Panorama West, both of which opened in 1971.

Since 2013, both courses have been managed by LPN, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lake Panorama Association. By now, everyone who had a 2016 Lake Panorama National or Panorama West membership should have received renewal forms for the 2017 season.