Sports Courts at Boulder Beach Now Open

The first concrete was poured May 7 at the sports courts complex at Boulder Beach.

By Susan Thompson

Sports courts that have been in the planning stages for nearly four years opened June 15. The courts complex at Boulder Beach includes one regulation tennis court, with two regulation pickleball courts adjacent. These three courts are inside the same fenced enclosure.

A separate fence surrounds a basketball court that is slightly smaller than regulation size. It features two half courts with Goalsetter MVP basketball systems and white lines.

Cautionary Tale of Lyme Disease Dangers

Elise Huffman died of Chronic Lyme Disease in February 2017.
By Susan Thompson 
It’s tick season in Iowa. In recent years, Iowa has seen a surge in tick-borne illnesses, with Lyme disease topping the list. The Iowa Department of Public Health is warning residents to take preventive measures now, since most cases in Iowa occur in June and July. 
In 2017, 254 cases of Lyme disease were reported to Iowa public health officials. 
That’s up from the 232 confirmed cases reported in 2016 and nearly triples the 87 cases reported in 2010.