Father-Daughter Team Create His Memoir

Jennifer Dilley and her father Gerald A. Jewett, Jr., show off the first print galley of the memoir Gerald wrote with Jennifer’s assistance.

By Susan Thompson

Often people reflect on the loss of a loved one by wishing they had done a better job preserving their life stories. Jennifer Dilley, who lives at Lake Panorama with her husband John, won’t have those regrets when her father passes.

That’s because she spent 14 months taking dictation as her father told stories about his life, then turned it into a book that is being well-received by readers.   

LPA Annual Meeting May 12

By Susan Thompson 

The 49th annual meeting of the Lake Panorama Association will be Saturday, May 12, beginning at 10 a.m. at the Lake Panorama National conference center. Each year, the LPA annual meeting provides a formal statement of the association’s financial position, plus reports on activities during the past year and plans for the coming year.

Reports will be given by Jim Spradling, LPA board president; Gary Evans, LPA board treasurer; John Dinnebier, LPN director of operations; and John Rutledge, LPA general manager.

LPA Members Weigh in on Boats

By Susan Thompson

Of the 503 Lake Panorama Association members who responded to an online survey last November and December, 467 answered the four questions related to boats on Lake Panorama.  

When asked to describe their opinion on the overall boating safety on Lake Panorama, 22 percent said they believe it is highly safe, with 60 percent saying it is moderately safe. Ten percent said it is moderately unsafe, two percent said highly unsafe, and six percent didn’t have an opinion.