A new film column, business page feedback and a sturgeon?

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Posted 12/7/2021
By Shane Goodman
Editor and Publisher

What was the last movie you saw at a theater? If you are like me, you really have to think for a bit before answering that. Due to the pandemic, many of us have opted to stream movies at home, using a variety of services. Meanwhile, I do miss going to the theater and watching the latest releases on the big screen with a tub of buttery popcorn and a box of Milk Duds.
Regardless of where you watch, there is no denying that movie-viewing is one of America’s favorite pastimes. So with that in mind, I was intrigued when Michael C. Woody reached out to me with the idea of having him write film reviews from a local perspective for the Lake Panorama Times. It sounded like a great idea to me, so you will find his first installment this month. I hope you give it a thumbs up.

’Twas the night before
If you are looking for a wonderful Christmas story to warm the hearts of the young and old alike, then be sure to check out CITYVIEW magazine this month where you will find Bob Hullihan’s classic story of the waterbug, a pair of silverfish, a young spider, three ladybugs, a cricket and a trouble-making mouse that teach us all a thing or two about generational differences and tradition. Pick up a copy of the magazine on the stands or check out the story online at                          www.dmcityview.com.

Jamie Pollard
Most of you know that Iowa State University athletic director Jamie Pollard and his wife Ellen are lake residents. And most of you know that Jamie recently announced his cancer diagnosis while also stressing the importance of early detection. Please join me in keeping Jamie and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Business page submissions
Several of you have commented on how you appreciate the addition of our business page to Lake Panorama Times. I appreciate the feedback as we continue to grow our coverage of the local business community, in addition to lake residents who own or operate businesses. I welcome your story ideas, as well as any news brief items that you would like us to include. You can submit on our website at www.lakepanoramatimes.com or email directly to me at shane@dmcityview.com.

A few lake chuckles
My friend Bill was standing on the edge of Jones Cove at Lake Panorama. I yelled over to him, “How do I get to the other side?” He replied, “You are on the other side.” Uggh.
Want some more? Here’s a little humor for your friends in the medical industry. Ask them, “Who carries out operations in a lake?” The answer? A sturgeon, of course.
And finally, we don’t have mountains in Iowa, but many of you do enjoy the scenery around mountain lakes in other locations. In fact, some of you say they are absolutely gorges.

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Merry Christmas to all of you, and, as always, thank you for reading. n

Shane Goodman
Editor and Publisher
515-953-4822, ext. 305

A total of $1,266 was raised to support the Lake Panorama dog park. 

Posted 12/7/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

Twenty families took the opportunity to get photos with their pets Nov. 21 at the Furry Family photos event at Twin Vines. Brad and Ben Hayes, owners of Twin Vines, donated the use of their event venue for the fundraiser.
Freewill donations were given to Friends of Lake Panorama in exchange for volunteers snapping family photos with cameras and smartphones provided by a family member. A total of $1,266 was raised to support the Lake Panorama dog park.
The Friends dog park task force organized the event. Committee members decorated three areas at Twin Vines for the holiday photos. These included an antique sleigh near the red barn, loaned by Carol and Derek VanKirk; an antique truck, loaned by Dave Leonard, parked in front of a row of pine trees; and hay bales arranged in the entrance of the red barn bridge.
Construction on the dog park is nearing completion, with work on the entrance area and parking lot still to be done. The dog park will open sometime in 2022, once the turfgrass is well established. The park is located at the corner of Sage Trail and East RV Road on the east side of Lake Panorama and will be open to Lake Panorama property owners and their guests. 

Russian tea cakes

Sara and mom cookie baking
Posted 12/7/2021
By Jolene Goodman

I love to bake. And, I love to bake Christmas cookies. At this stage in life, I am learning to modify recipes to have less fat and sugar in them. I am, slowly, learning and applying these tricks. However, I am not willing to sacrifice the recipes and tastes of traditional Christmas cookies to save a few calories or worry about how healthy these treats are. There are just some things in life that are worth the splurge, and the holiday season is one of these times every year. Moderation helps.
So, baking lots of Christmas cookies and holiday treats is a tradition that takes place in our household. Our favorites include frosted sugar cookies (that is the No. 1 family favorite), spritz, Russian tea cakes, butterscotch corn flake balls, covered pretzels, pecan tassies, cinnamon-sugar trail mix and fudge (Shane’s favorite). Other recipes come and go, but those are the mainstays. My favorite is the Russian tea cake cookie, and I have shared the recipe here. All my recipes are, of course, my mother’s. She was a great baker and cook, so I thank her for nurturing this love I have, and grateful for all the great recipes I am able to pass down to our daughters and you. Bake and enjoy! Merry Christmas!

 Jolene Goodman is the advertising director for Lake Panorama Times and vice president of Big Green Umbrella Media.

Russian Tea Cakes
1 cup soft butter
1/2 cup sifted powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 1/4 cup sifted flour
1/4 tsp salt
3/4 cup chopped walnuts
Mix together thoroughly: butter, powdered sugar and vanilla.
Sift together and stir in flour and salt.
Mix in ground walnuts.
Chill dough.
Roll into 1-inch balls.
Place on ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until set, but not brown.
While warm, roll in powdered sugar.
Cool, then roll in powdered sugar again.
Makes 4 1/2 dozen.  We always double this recipe.

Dec. 15 set for launch of new LPA website 
The private side of the website will be restricted to Lake Panorama property owners. 

Posted 12/7/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

The Lake Panorama Association (LPA) plans to launch a new website Dec. 15, replacing the current site that has been in place since 2009. Over the years, the old website has become difficult to navigate, as additional information and features were added.
This new website will be simpler to use, while continuing to provide LPA staff the ability to communicate directly with members, and provide the important documents members need.
There will be both public and private sides. The home page on the public site will include information about Lake Panorama and the LPA. The private side of the website will be restricted to Lake Panorama property owners.
The website address will remain the same as the old site  —www.lakepanorama.org. The home page will have tabs for “Resident Sign-Up” and “Resident Sign-In.” When the website launches, emails will be sent to all property owners who currently have an email address registered with the LPA office. This email will provide details on how to create an account and take members directly to the private side.
LPA members who have not registered for the current website won’t receive an email invitation. They still will be able to set-up an account through the “Resident Sign-Up” option, and gain access to the private side of the website after being verified as an LPA member.
Members must sign up to join the new site, this isn’t something the LPA staff can automatically do. Members who do not sign up will no longer receive LPA’s weekly email news bulletins or emergency bulletins, or be able to access LPA documents that will only be available on the private side of the website. For these reasons, the LPA staff is encouraging members to sign up immediately once they receive notice the new website is live.
The new website will not only make things easier and simpler for members, but will allow members to ensure their current contact information is up to date. It’s important for LPA to know member email addresses and phone numbers, so staff can reach out with questions or concerns related to their Lake Panorama property. Members will have the option to share their contact information with other members that sign up. Contact information will not be shared unless members check the “Share Contact Information” box. This can be changed at any time.
“Members will be prompted to register via email, but they must complete the final step to ensure their information is up-to-date and they are in our system to receive weekly email bulletins and special announcements,” says John Rutledge, LPA general manager. “We appreciate the membership’s patience and support as we both roll out the new website and make sure we have their contact information up to date.”


Posted 12/7/2021
John Rutledge, LPA general manager and LPN director of operations, invites LPA members to join him for coffee and other refreshments at this informal gathering on Thursday, Dec. 9. This event will be at the Lake Panorama National conference center, begin at 10:30 a.m., and will last about an hour.
At these coffees, Rutledge provides an update on current happenings and takes questions from members in attendance. The main focus for the Dec. 9 session will be the 2022 LPA and LPN budgets, which received final approval at the LPA board’s Nov. 23 meeting. Other topics will be projects being undertaken by the LPA, LPN and the Lake Panorama Rural Improvement Zone (RIZ).
If members have questions or items they would like covered about LPA policies or developments, they can email lpa@lakepanorama.org to give Rutledge an opportunity to prepare in advance. LPA members with questions specific to their own membership or property should call the LPA office during regular business hours at 641-755-2301.

What’s happening at the LPN
Dec. 31 will bring events for both children and adults.

Posted 12/7/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

With the busy golf and banquet season in the rearview mirror, LPN staff members are making an extra effort to bring people into the conference center. The LPN, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lake Panorama Association. As such, the LPA benefits when business is strong at the LPN.
Happy hour specials are available 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Friday, with special pricing on seltzers, pints, well drinks and house wines.
A new Links menu launched in mid-November. It has many of the old favorites, while offering several new items that have become new favorites. In addition, a weekly features menu includes rotating items not on the regular menu.
A four-week trial offering Sunday breakfast began Nov. 14 and proved successful. The Sunday breakfast will continue for two additional Sundays, on Dec. 12 and Dec. 26. A separate breakfast menu is offered from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., in addition to the regular menu available 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. A Bloody Mary and mimosa bar is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at a cost of $8 per drink.
A decision on whether to continue Sunday breakfast in 2022 is pending. Current Links kitchen hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Watch the LPN Facebook page, LPN Resort Weekly newsletter or the LPN website for updates.
The annual LPN Holiday Brunch will be Sunday, Dec. 19, and include both breakfast and lunch items. Service will be from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. with reservations taken every half hour. The cost is $24 for adults, $11 for children ages 5 to 12, with children ages 4 and younger free.
Dec. 31 will bring events for both children and adults. A Noon Year’s Eve party for kids will include cookie decorating, crafts, activities, and a milk and cookie toast at noon. This party will be 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., at a cost of $15 per child.
An adult New Year’s Eve party in the banquet room will begin with a cash bar and hors d’oeuvres at 6 p.m. Buffet dinner stations will be open from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. A chocolate fountain buffet will remain open until 11 p.m.
A disc jockey will provide music throughout the evening, with dancing starting at 8 p.m. The cost is $50 per person or $90 per couple. Ticket prices include social hour appetizers, buffet, chocolate fountain, party favors, dancing, and a champagne toast at midnight. Room packages with LPN Resort accommodations are available that combine overnight lodging and admission tickets. Attendance is being capped at 200.
Reservations are required for both the Dec. 19 brunch and the Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve parties. Call the LPN front desk at 641-755-2080. For more information on these and other LPN Resort events, check out the LPN calendar at www.lakepanoramanational.com/calendar.
The LPN staff is interested in feedback from members, including suggestions for future special events, menu items and anything else related to the LPN food and beverage department. Submit comments online at www.lpnresort.com/feedback.

Friends of Lake Panorama president provides update.

Janreinicke bw
Posted 12/7/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times 

Friends of Lake Panorama is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity dedicated to supporting recreational amenities at Lake Panorama. The first meeting of the Friends of Lake Panorama board of directors was Dec. 3, 2013. An application for nonprofit status was filed with the IRS in January 2014, and approved in July of that year.
The charity is governed by a volunteer, seven-member board of directors. In this month’s Q&A, Jan Reinicke, Friends president, talks about current projects and future goals.

Q. Let’s start with a look back at some of the major projects Friends of Lake Panorama has helped make possible in the last seven years. 
A. With the help of the LPA community being central to our success, I believe it’s an impressive list of projects completed in the very short time we’ve been in existence.
Our first major project was a destination playground at Sunset Beach. It was a partnership project, completed in 2016, with Friends raising $80,000 and LPA contributing $50,000. We built upon that success with our second large project being the sports courts at Boulder Beach providing fans of basketball, pickleball and tennis many hours of fun and exercise. It was also a partnership project with the LPA.
Our next project in 2017 was a transformation of the Panorama West golf course thanks to an estate gift of $473,00 from James and Joyce McLuen. It allowed the addition of many improvements, but also challenged Friends to establish a protocol for handling future estate gifts. It was a generous gift by longtime lake residents deciding to support something they loved by including a bequest in their will. We’re hoping it encourages others to think about the future impact they can have on recreational amenities at Lake Panorama.
Another major project completed this year was a $70,000 fundraising campaign for new playground equipment at both Shady and Boulder Beaches. As always, the LPA provided in-kind contributions of assistance with installation, oversight and maintenance.

Q. Tell us about the progress on the Lake Panorama Dog Park. 
A. The possibility of building a dog park at Lake Panorama had been discussed for many years, even before Friends of Lake Panorama existed. Because the idea had received strong support from a segment of the LPA membership, in 2019 the Friends board recruited volunteers to serve on a dog park task force to study location, design, costs and rules.
That group shared their proposal with the Friends board in 2020, which endorsed the plan and sent it to the LPA board of directors for consideration. At its August meeting, the LPA board agreed Friends could raise funds for a dog park. A $50,000 goal was set, and fundraising began in October 2020.
The members of the dog park task force took a high-profile role once the project was approved by the Friends and LPA boards. What resulted was a group of people who recruited other dog lovers to the cause and successfully organized a fundraising event last fall, raising $6,225 with a dog walk, golf tournament, raffle, auction and reception.
This past summer, the same group raised more than $3,700 with a garage sale of donated items. In October, the group hosted a dog walk that raised $325. In November, committee members hosted a Furry Family Photos event, bringing in donations of $1,266.
Private donations continued at a strong pace, and $45,000 had been raised by this past summer. The fourth Friends Beach Ball was held July 30, with a profit of $25,000. The Friends board committed $5,000 of those profits to reach the $50,000 goal for the dog park.
This has been a very successful fundraising model for Friends. In addition to the many fundraising events held, the networking among task force members and supporters in the community resulted in many donations coming in faster than for many of the other projects we’ve sponsored.
Most importantly, it demonstrates what a small group of committed people with some well-defined goals can accomplish to make their community a better place for them and their furry friends.
I’m happy to report much of the dog park construction is complete, with only the entrance gates and a small shelter over the entrance left to build. Grass was seeded this fall, and has emerged, but additional seeding will be needed in the spring. Two trees have been planted. The LPA will be installing a parking area and two picnic benches. Friends continues to accept donations for the dog park to purchase additional trees, and perhaps some benches, plus help with ongoing maintenance costs.
The park will be open to LPA members and their guests. Opening will take place sometime in 2022, and will depend on how soon the turfgrass is fully established.
Q. What other projects are in the works? 
A. Friends will be completing two other projects in 2022, using funds from the 2021 Beach Ball. Enhancements to an existing trail near the Panorama West golf course are underway. The existing trail is used by the Panorama School District as a cross-country track site. A task force of volunteers has developed plans that include marking a portion of this trail and designating it as the “official” Panorama West Trail.
For safety reasons, and in compliance with current LPA rules, users of this 2.5-mile trail, which includes a 1.5 mile out-and-back section, and an optional 1-mile loop, may include hikers, runners, cross-country skiers and dogwalkers, but no motorized vehicles.
The newly marked trail will wind through grassy open areas and timber but will not cross the golf course or roadways. A trail map will be placed on an informational kiosk that will double as a trail head sign. The trail head, with limited parking, will be located at the end of the Nicholl Drive cul-de-sac just east of the Panorama West clubhouse.
Low profile 4x4 recycled plastic lumber posts with directional signage, recreational symbols, and distance markers, plus two recycled plastic benches, will be installed along the multi-use portion of the trail.
Another project made possible by the 2021 Beach Ball is the addition of three swings to the Sunset Beach playground. These will be installed in spring 2022.
Fundraising is underway for two new projects. One is a half-court basketball at Sunset Beach. The court will be on a concrete pad 40-feet wide by 50-feet deep. Sport Construction Midwest, headquartered in Adel, will install a new Goalsetter MVP hoop, place tile on the concrete, and paint half-court lines. A 10-foot-high fence and one gate will complete this project.
Mark and Karen Einck, who matched donations of $25,000 for the Boulder Beach basketball court, have pledged to match up to $20,000 for the Sunset Beach court. It is hoped $40,000 can be raised for construction in 2022. Donors of $500 or more will be recognized on a sign at the court.
The other new project involves developing a proposal for a multi-use recreational area on Lake Panorama’s south shore. At its June 2021 meeting, the LPA board of directors unanimously approved a motion to allow Friends to develop this “recreational concept.”
A volunteer task force is working on a proposal to take to the LPA board in the spring. The proposal will include a disc golf course and a walking/hiking trail, with additional recreational amenities considered. The plan will need approval from the LPA board of directors before work begins, but Friends is accepting donations for this effort now.
One final project I want to mention. In the last two years, four high-quality metal benches have been placed in various locations at both Sunset and Boulder Beach. Locations at all three beaches have been identified for additional metal benches, either stationary or swinging. The current cost of one of these benches on a concrete slab is about $3,200.
These benches can be purchased either as a memorial for a loved one, or by those who want to leave their mark on Lake Panorama while they are alive. The benches include signs that can be engraved with up to four lines of text.
We are not conducting a general fundraising campaign for benches. Instead, this “Benches at Beaches” project targets individuals, couples and families interested in sponsoring a bench. We hope to find sponsors for several benches before installation, which would mean a cost savings on concrete pours and reduced shipping costs.
So far this fall, Friends has received donations from two couples for two new swinging benches, one at Shady Beach and one at Boulder Beach, which will be installed in 2022. Anyone interested in discussing the sponsorship of a bench at one of Lake Panorama’s three beaches can email staff@friendsoflakepanorama.org, or call Susan Thompson at 515-240-6536.

Q. What are the various ways people can donate to Friends? 
A. First, I want to remind everyone that all donations are tax-deductible, and donors receive a confirmation letter for tax purposes. Statistics indicate a high percentage of charitable contributions are made in the last few weeks of the year so we’re looking forward to additional contributions coming in to support the basketball half-court at Sunset Beach, the South Shore Recreational Concept, the dog park, and the Friends general fund.
There are several options to donate. One easy way is to clip the coupon from the Friends ad in this issue of the Lake Panorama Times, fill it out and mail it with a check to Friends of Lake Panorama, P.O .Box 488, Panora, IA 50216. Or simply include a note with your check so we know how you want your donation used, and mail to the same address.
On the Friends website — friendsoflakepanorama.org — there is a donation form that provides more details. This form can be printed, completed and mailed with a check. Donations also can be made by credit card on the Friends website.
Donations of securities (stocks, mutual funds, etc.) are welcome, as are direct IRA qualified charitable distributions — for donors older than age 70 ½ who are required to take forced IRA distributions. There are potential tax-saving benefits when considering either of these direct donation strategies. For information, contact Kristen Crouthamel, financial advisor at GCSB Investment Center, at 641-755-2799 or kristen@investgcsb.com.

Q. Any additional thoughts you’d like to share?
A. Friends of Lake Panorama is the perfect opportunity to forge a strong partnership with the Lake Panorama Association to improve the recreational opportunities here at the lake. Working together, we have the potential to improve the quality of life for current and future residents. While the LPA’s focus, out of necessity, needs to be on safety, security and infrastructure needs, Friends of Lake Panorama can be a catalyst and support group focusing on the amenities our community members desire.
Our working relationship with the LPA is a good model as we move forward. The LPA board has provided financial contributions when possible and many in-kind contributions. LPA staff have spent many hours helping make each of the projects come to be a part of life at Lake Panorama.
We are proud of our commitment to engage LPA community members in establishing priorities and continuing our work to provide additional amenities. The volunteer committee working on developing a concept for recreational amenities on the South Shore is another good example of seeking input from community members with expertise and commitment.
We will be doing outreach for the support needed to complete the next phase of projects and hope you’ll include Friends in your priorities. We’d like to widen our fundraising base in the community and get new first-time donors on board. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you to build a strong Friends organization for the future.
That future support can include marking your calendars now for the fifth Beach Ball on July 22, 2022. This is our primary fundraising event in addition to the individual donations we solicit throughout the year. It’s always a fun event so save the date and plan to attend. More information will be available in the spring. 


Posted 12/7/2021
Marcia Jean (Ruemper) Harris, 87, of Panora, passed away Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021, surrounded by family and friends at the Guthrie County Hospital, Guthrie Center, Iowa.
Marcia was born on Sept. 8, 1934, in Des Moines to Raymond Samuel and Gladys (Brockway) Ruemper. She married William G. Harris of Elkhart, Iowa, on June 18, 1954.
Marcia enjoyed playing golf, bridge, traveling and watching all types of sports. She also enjoyed sharing a glass of beer or wine with good friends. Also known as the “Sassy Bear Lady,” she collected all types of bears from all over the world, many gifted from friends and family. Marcia was also a longtime Chicago Cubs fan who lived long enough to see them win the World Series in 2016, which she was grateful for.
Marcia was preceded in death by her husband of 54 years, Bill Harris, her mother Gladys and father Raymond Samuel Ruemper, sister Sharon West of Des Moines, and son-in-law Roger Sydnes of Ames.
She is survived by her son, Mark Harris of Elkhart; daughter, Kim Sydnes and her children, Sam and Andy, all of Ames, as well as very dear nephew and nieces.
A Celebration of Life was held Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021, at the Lake Panorama Conference Center. Memorials may be made to the First Presbyterian Church in Guthrie Center. 

Twin Vines offers unique location for special events
The Twin Vines name reflects Brad and Ben Hayes being twins, with a nod to the grape vines they decided could stay.

Posted 12/7/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

Ask Brad and Ben Hayes why they were interested in purchasing the vineyard and buildings on Highway 44 one mile west of Panora, and they both look a little sheepish.
“In the beginning, we weren’t interested in the vineyard and buildings at all,” Brad says. “The attraction was the farm ground that came with the vineyard. We farm with our family, growing corn, beans and cattle, and saw this farm ground as the perfect opportunity to expand.”
Brad and Ben are twins, the sons of Rick and Mary Hayes. Brother Matt is the oldest of four children. In between him and the twins is sister Michelle Meinecke, who lives with her husband Cory and their two sons in Yale. The four siblings grew up on Lake Panorama and graduated from Panorama schools.
The twins purchased the farm ground in 2018. First, they wanted to learn about the acre-and-a-half of grape vines.
“We needed to figure out what we had there, and if we should keep it or tear it out,” Ben says.
They got help from Iowa State University Extension personnel and other grape growers. Once they learned it takes five years or more for grape vines to produce fruit, they decided it would be a shame to tear it out.
They talked with their sister Michelle, who agreed to try her hand at making wine from the grapes.
“Some friends and I had used winemaking kits in the past, so I had some knowledge about the process,” she says. “But it’s different when you’re harvesting and using your own fruit. The winemaking has turned into a family operation. It’s fun to be part of the process from the beginning to the end.”
The vineyard includes five different grape varieties. In 2019, the Hayes family harvested their grapes, donated some to a food bank, and used some to make their first batch of wine.
“We got about 50 bottles, which we mostly gave away as gifts,” Michelle says. “In 2020, we sold some of our grapes, plus bought some grapes from other growers. That gave us enough to make more wine than the previous year.”
They sold some of that 2020 wine at events held this year, but ran out in July. This fall they harvested a good crop from their own vineyard and purchased grapes from other Iowa vineyards. As in previous years, family members and friends helped with the grape harvest and winemaking.
If all goes as planned, both red and white wine will be bottled in January and February.
“This is the most wine we’ve made so far,” Michelle says. “We hope we’ll have more bottles available in 2022 to use during our special events and offer to those hosting events here.”
By late 2020, Ben and Brad were ready to introduce the Twin Vines event center. On Nov. 1, a sign painting workshop offered in collaboration with Art on the Fly, based in Jefferson and owned by Jolene Peters, was held in the Twin Vines Venue. Sixteen people attended, and the event was deemed a success.
Twin Vines was chosen as the name for the wine the family was bottling, as well as the event center they were planning. The name reflects Brad and Ben being twins, with a nod to the grape vines they decided could stay. A logo that features the red barn was created and is used on wine bottle labels and promotional materials.
The brothers purchased tables and chairs for the second-floor venue and installed a bar on one side. Kandi Meinecke, owner of Britches and Bows, added decorative touches. With windows on three sides, the room offers panoramic views of the vineyard and the surrounding area.
The venue can handle about 50 people sitting at tables, or up to 200 if people are coming and going. Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis, with rental either by the half-day or full-day. Besides the meeting room, the venue rental fee includes use of the grounds, the vineyard gazebo, and covered bridge. Since the large barn is used for winemaking, it’s not open to the public.
A special hourly rate is offered for photographers who take graduation pictures or family photos, with several outdoor settings available for backdrops.
This year, Twin Vines sponsored a Dueling Fiddles live music event, with two women fiddlers performing from a deck on the upper level of the barn. A food truck provided several options, and craft beers were available. About 100 tickets were sold to guests who brought folding chairs and blankets to spread out near the vineyard for the performance.
On Oct. 2, Twin Vines hosted a five-course Farm-to-Table dinner featuring locally sourced cuisine. The appetizer course was served in the gazebo near the vineyard, with the other four courses at long tables near the barn. The sold-out event hosted 50 diners.
Reshape Fitness Studio in Panora has held several events at Twin Vines, including yoga sessions paired with either wine or cider. Reshape held a 3-mile Turkey Trot walk/run at Twin Vines on Thanksgiving morning both this year and last year.
Private events in the venue have included birthday, retirement, reunion, graduation and holiday parties, plus baby and bridal showers. Several corporate events have been held, from training sessions to a real estate business open house to a Panora Chamber meeting.
The twins continue to look at what other venues are doing and plan to sponsor a few of their own events each year.
“We’re always open to ideas for different types of events, and looking for opportunities,” says Brad. “Our time is really the main limiting factor, since we all work full-time.”
Michelle works at EMC Insurance in Des Moines.
“With the winemaking, we’re learning as we go, but we’re having fun with it,” she says.
The twins both graduated from the University of Northern Iowa. Ben majored in construction management at UNI before attending Iowa State University to earn a master’s in business. He is project manager for Formation Group in Johnston, a company that assists clients with building development and planning.
Brad majored in real estate and finance and has his own real estate appraisal business. His office is located within the Twin Vines building, so he’s the main contact for those who have questions or want to schedule a tour. He can be reached at 641-757-9808 or by email at info@twinvinesvineyard.com.
Twin Vines has a Facebook page and a website. The website, at www.twinvinesvineyard.com, has a form that can be completed to get the rental process started. The venue is available for reservations 365 days of the year.
The twins of Twin Vines say they’re pleased with their first year in the event venue business.
“We’re meeting new people, and enjoying the unique things we’ve sponsored this year, like the Farm-to-Table dinner,” says Brad.
Ben says he’s happy with the success they’ve had so far.
“This opportunity is unique, but we’re having fun with it,” he says. “There aren’t any other event venues in Guthrie County that offer such a unique setting. We’re looking forward to having more people discover Twin Vines.” 


Thornberry curt.1314.w 768x1152
Posted 12/7/2021
By Curtis Thornberry
President, Panora and Lake Panorama Area Economic Development - PRIDE

It would be easy to think back over 2021 and recount all the business opportunities that were made harder by the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, I had to attend countless meetings and a couple of statewide conferences over Zoom that would normally have been held in person. I worked through numerous projects that seemed straightforward, but were significantly delayed because of supply chain disruptions. I talked with owners and managers of local businesses who were experiencing challenges with hiring staff. Rather than focus on the negative, however, I want to stress how productive this year has been for economic development as Panora checks off some of the boxes on its list of goals.
Like many rural Iowa communities, Panora entered this year with a lot of uncertainty but is exiting the year with a lot to look forward to. Housing and commercial development have been key goals over the last couple of years for PRIDE and the City of Panora. When I talk with area businesses, one of the things I hear is how challenging it can be to find housing locally. Hiring new employees for the city can be also a challenge.
Several years ago, the City of Panora conducted a housing assessment that highlighted the related challenges the community has. Issues such as aging housing stock, lack of homes for sale and limited rentals have impacted employers’ ability to hire from outside the area and limited the options that prospective residents had in looking to move to the community. One of the pluses included fiber broadband services to all properties in the community, a service that many relied on to work from home during the pandemic.
This past year, several things have happened to push housing forward in the community. First, the City of Panora partnered with the Region XII Council of Governments to plan for the construction of four new low- to moderate-income houses. The building sites were supplied by the City, and the grant applications were submitted for housing tax credits and development funds. This type of housing is essential for the school district looking to bring in new teachers, local government looking to hire police officers, or local businesses looking to expand their operations. Beginning in 2022, we should begin to see construction on these properties in Panora. Demand for lake property outside Panora continues to drive the local market, with Lake Panorama seeing 17 new houses in 2021, not including remodels of existing properties.
The City is also working with Panorama Schools and Panora Telco through a public/private partnership to extend Clay Street west of N.W. 4th Street to Panther Drive and the elementary school complex. This project will bring a number of benefits to the community. The improved safety response times and reduced traffic congestion on the school campus will be noticeable. The project will also address stormwater issues in the area and make up to 18 buildable lots available for new housing near the school.
The downtown commercial business district continues to thrive. I receive frequent requests for businesses looking to locate in Panora in the Downtown Historic Business District, but the requests can’t be satisfied because of limited commercial inventory. Earlier this year, the Iowa Downtown Resource Center performed a Downtown Walk Around analysis for the City. In their report, they noted that “Good things are happening in [Panora].” They even remarked that many of the issues they see in communities of Panora’s size have already been addressed locally, including downtown design standards, a vibrant town square, revolving loan fund resources and development incentives for business façade improvements. While there are several storefronts that are vacant, overall, there is a good mix of businesses with retail, restaurants/hospitality, and professional services available downtown.
Two properties on the east edge of downtown, including 106 E. Main St. and 113 E. Main St. are available for sale or will be soon. The Ben’s Five and Dime is closing at the end of the year, and this will leave a 10,800-square-foot vacancy at 106 E. Main St. beginning January 2022. An additional 6,400-square-foot space is available on the east end of the Downtown Historic Business District as well and is on the market today.
In addition to business development through the main business corridor, other commercial projects have been occurring in the City. In the Panora Telco business park, two new businesses have moved into the building at 102 S.E. 13th St. Restyle Décor & Consigned Furniture and Reshape Fitness Studio renovated a Broker’s International property. Guthrie County Hospital and Clinics is also building a new clinic at the entrance to the business park. The clinic will replace the existing location in the Panora Plaza and is slated to open the beginning of 2022.
If 2022 is anything like 2021, it will be important to stay focused and nimble when it comes to local development projects. With the increase in housing, there will be more opportunities to attract families to support local businesses and attract new ones to the area as well. Many of the goals set by the City over the past several years will become reality soon enough. It’s also important to recognize that relationships and partnerships are key to the success of these projects. PRIDE is a local economic development organization that foster’s collaboration in the business community and seeks ways to support and grow local businesses and the environment necessary for their success.

Two new members were appointed to the board for three-year terms.

Posted 12/7/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

Friends of Lake Panorama is governed by a volunteer, seven-member board of directors. The board held its 2022 organizational meeting Nov. 29.
At the meeting, two new members were appointed to the board for three-year terms. Bill Winkleblack replaced Tricia Steffen, who has been on the Friends board since the nonprofit began in December 2013. Jackie Wellik replaced Emily Spradling, who was appointed to the board in May 2016 to complete two years of her husband Jim’s term when he was elected to the LPA board. She then served one full three-year term.
Other board members are Galen Johnson, Jody Muench, John Muenzenberger, Jan Reinicke and Jim Tibbles.
In officer elections, Reinicke was elected president, Tibbles vice president, and John Muenzenberger secretary-treasurer. Susan Thompson is the non-profit’s executive director.
For the past year, the charity has focused on raising $50,000 for the Lake Panorama Dog Park. A total of $45,000 had been donated in advance of the July 30 Beach Ball fundraiser. That event cleared $25,000, and at a meeting in August, the Friends board voted to direct $5,000 to the Beach Ball proceeds to the dog park.
Construction is nearing completion. Turfgrass that was seeded late this fall was able to germinate, but overseeding will be needed in the spring. The park will open in 2022, once the turfgrass is established well enough to handle the expected traffic.
Two trees have been planted at the park, which were donated by Larry and Heather Isom, who own Isom Tree Farm. Fundraising will continue to add more trees to the park in the fall of 2022. In the future, the Isoms have offered to donate one tree for each tree purchased. Donations designated to the dog park also will be used to cover ongoing expenses for waste bags, and perhaps the installation of a couple of benches.
Other topics discussed at the Friends board meeting included a report on progress being made on establishing a multi-use Panorama West Trail and three swings that will be added to the Sunset Beach playground. Both projects are being funded with proceeds from the 2021 Beach Ball and will be completed in spring 2022.
Board members reviewed plans for a new project — a basketball half-court at Sunset Beach, for which fundraising is underway. Mark and Karen Einck, who matched donations of $25,000 for the Boulder Beach basketball court, have pledged to match up to $20,000 for the Sunset Beach court. It is hoped $40,000 can be raised for construction in 2022.
The Friends board formed a task force to develop a proposal for recreational amenities on Lake Panorama’s South Shore. The task force is made up of both Friends board members and additional volunteers from the community. The proposal created by this task force will be presented to the LPA board in the spring. The proposal is expected to include a disc golf course and walking trail with additional amenities also being considered.
Preliminary plans for the next fundraising Beach Ball were discussed. The event will be held July 22, 2022. Final decisions on plans, pricing and how funds raised at this event will be used will be made at the board’s spring meeting.
Currently, donors giving to Friends can designate their gift to the basketball half-court at Sunset Beach, South Shore future recreational amenities, the Lake Panorama dog park, and the Friends general fund.
Donations can be made by check payable to Friends of Lake Panorama, and mailed to Friends of Lake Panorama, P.O. Box 488, Panora, IA 50216. Direct donations can be sent via Venmo @Friends-Panorama. Donations also can be made by credit card on the Friends website at friendsoflakepanorama.org.
Donations of securities (stocks, mutual funds, etc.) are welcome, as are direct IRA qualified charitable distributions. For information, contact Kristen Crouthamel, financial advisor at GCSB Investment Center, 641-755-2799 or kristen@investgcsb.com.
Details on past and current projects are available on the Friends website. Friends of Lake Panorama also has a Facebook page. Those interested in keeping up to date about Friends activities are asked to “like” and “share” the Friends page. Questions or comments? Send an email to staff@friendsoflakepanorama.org.


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Posted 12/7/2021
By cheryl temple
Lake Panorama Times

Name: GW (Short for George Washington)
Owners: Pam and Britt Shelton

GW thinks he is the President of the United States. The cat sits stoutly in high places and acts more like a guard dog. GW has a friend here at the lake, Mr. Fox, that he watches from the window. GW was found at 10 weeks old with a car fan belt mark on a leg. The cat used one of its nine lives while taking a ride to a park while under the car. GW is the Shelton’s third rescue cat.


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Posted 12/7/2021
By cheryl temple
Lake Panorama Times

Name: Gunner
Owners: Krissy and Don Ross

Gunner is a 21-month-old Aussie Shepherd Border Collie mix that lives on Burchfield Cove with Krissy and Don Ross and playmate Hunny. Gunner enjoys going out on the boat. If you drive by his house, he will run back and forth yelling “hi” to you because he is a friendly boy. 

Great Blue Herons at Lake Panorama 

Posted 12/7/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times 

One of the largest birds seen at Lake Panorama is the Great Blue Heron. The one shown here is a frequent visitor to the small cove where Trish and Scott Hart live. Trish Hart is a photographer who offers custom prints of her nature photos on canvas, paper, metal and glass.
Great Blue Herons typically are seen in Iowa along the edges of rivers, lakes and wetlands. These birds are tall with a long neck and a wide black stripe over their eye. They are grayish blue in color and have long feather plumes on their head, neck and back.
Most of the time, Great Blue Herons are either motionless or moving very slowly through the water looking for their prey. Common foods include fish, frogs, reptiles, small mammals and even other birds. Great Blue Herons build their nests, which are made of sticks, high in trees.
For more information about Trish Hart’s photography, visit NaturesCanvasPhotos on Facebook. 

Members of the Lakeside team described the certifications and support they received using Future Ready Iowa grants.

Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

The Lakeside Village hosted Gov. Kim Reynolds Oct. 26 as a part of Reynolds’ 99 County Tour. The focus of the visit was how Lakeside used Future Ready Iowa grant funds over the last two years to provide education and training for good paying jobs and careers.
In 2020, Lakeside Village was awarded two Future Ready Iowa Grants totaling $246,800. The funds were used to assist Iowans obtain certifications within long-term care career paths. More than 200 people took CNA classes, 50 people became ServSafe certified, and 15 took the Iowa assisted living manager course.
This year, Lakeside Village was awarded $48,000 through Future Ready Iowa for a summer youth internship pilot program. The grant allowed the senior living facility to offer a six-week paid internship to local youth. Internships were offered in management/marketing, maintenance, nursing and culinary.
During Reynolds’ visit, members of the Lakeside team described the certifications and support they received using Future Ready Iowa grants. Reynolds also toured the classroom made possible by grant funds and met with staff and residents.

PICTURED: Gov. Kim Reynolds visited Lakeside Village Oct. 26 to meet with staff and residents. Pictured left to right are Carolyne Carstens, Marla Hammer, Julie Hathaway, Gov. Reynolds, Amanda Creen, Kristine Marlow, Lee Ann Wilkinson and Jeff Oliver. 


Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

As 2021 draws to a close, Friends of Lake Panorama is on track to complete three projects in 2022. At the same time, planning and fundraising for two new projects has begun.

Lake Panorama Dog Park
Fundraising for a dog park at Lake Panorama began in September 2020 with a goal of $50,000 to build the park and provide needed amenities. By July of this year, the total stood at $45,000. A successful July 30 Beach Ball raised $25,000, and the Friends board voted to complete the dog park fundraising effort by directing $5,000 there.
Construction is nearing completion. Grass has been seeded, and two dog water fountains purchased. Two sugar maples donated by Isom Tree Farms were planted. Bryce Arganbright, Arganbright Construction of Panora, has completed the fence and rock work. A shelter at the entrance will be completed as soon as the materials arrive. The park will open in spring/summer 2022 once the turfgrass is strong enough to handle the expected traffic.
There will be ongoing maintenance costs at least for the first couple of years, as additional seed, fertilizer and weed control are needed to support the turfgrass. Amenities such as trees or benches also may be added. For these reasons, donations continue to be accepted for the dog park. All donors of $500 or more by Jan. 1, 2022, will be recognized on a sign at the park.
Donations of $325 were received from the 25 people and their 15 dogs participating in the Going to the Dogs Walk at Lake Panorama National Oct. 16. Participants used the cart paths on the back nine of the golf course to walk to and from the dog park. A similar event a year ago gave participants the chance to see the park’s planned location. This year, they saw the park as it nears completion.

Panorama West Trail Enhancements
An existing trail near the Panorama West golf course will be improved in this new project funded by $700 in private donations and $5,000 from the 2021 Beach Ball proceeds.
The existing trail is used by the Panorama School District as a cross-country track site and covers a variety of terrain including timber pathways, golf fairways and roadways. A task force of volunteers has developed plans that include marking a portion of this trail and designating it as the “official” multi-use trail.
The newly marked 2.5-mile trail, which includes a 1.5 mile out-and-back section, and an optional 1-mile loop, will wind its way through grassy open areas and timber but will not cross any portion of the golf course or roadways. A trail map will be developed and placed on an informational kiosk that will double as a trail head sign. The trail head, with limited parking, will be located at the end of the Nicholl Drive cul-de-sac just east of the Panorama West clubhouse.
Low-profile 4x4 recycled plastic lumber posts with directional signage, recreational symbols and distance markers will be installed along the multi-use portion of the trail. To avoid confusion, these park-style, recreational markers will be different from the cross-country signage. Two recycled plastic benches will be placed along the trail. Product orders are being placed, with installation and project completion planned for spring 2022.

Sunset Beach Swings 
Three new swings will be added to the Sunset Beach playground. These will be the same swings as the ones now at both Boulder and Shady beaches and will be placed directly west of the existing playground. There will be one toddler swing and two bench swings. The budget for this project is $8,000, and the Friends board voted to provide the full amount for this project from 2021 Beach Ball proceeds.
The swings were ordered Aug. 20, 2021, from Boland Recreation of Marshalltown, the same vendor that now has provided new play equipment at all three of Lake Panorama’s beaches. The swings will be delivered and installed in spring 2022.

Sunset Beach Half-Court Basketball 
Of the three types of courts at the Boulder Beach sports courts complex, the basketball court gets more use than all other courts combined. It’s believed a basketball half-court on the west side of the lake also would be popular. The LPA board approved this project for Sunset Beach at its June 2021 meeting, and fundraising is underway.
An area south of the bathroom, between two rows of trees, has been identified as a good location. This would require a concrete pad 40-feet wide by 50-feet long. Sport Construction Midwest, headquartered in Adel, is the vendor for the Boulder Beach sports courts. Company employees will install a new Goalsetter MVP hoop, place tile on the concrete, and paint half-court lines. A 10-foot-high fence and one gate will finish off this project.
A goal of $40,000 has been set for this new basketball court. Mark and Karen Einck, who matched donations of $25,000 for the Boulder Beach basketball court, have pledged to match up to $20,000 for the Sunset Beach court. It is hoped the $40,000 goal can be reached in time for construction in spring 2022. Donors of $500 or more will be recognized on a sign at the court.

South Shore Recreational Concept 
The Friends board wants to get walkers off the narrow, winding LPA roads, and on to safer, more enjoyable trails. The Panorama West trail enhancement is the first phase of this effort. It’s believed a trail on the south shore near the main basin would be an ideal location for another walking/hiking trail, where the beginnings of a trail structure already are in place.
In addition, Friends is interested in construction of a disc golf course that would be in the same vicinity. These would be two separate trails but could use the same parking area, have combined signage, and operate under the same usage guidelines.
John Worth, an LPA member involved in disc golf, has volunteered to design a nine-hole course and help guide its construction. Each hole would include a concrete tee pad and a chained basket target. Participants would bring their own discs, and no motorized carts would be allowed. A course sign, map and scorecards would be located near the first tee.
At its June 2021 meeting, the LPA board of directors unanimously approved a motion to allow Friends to develop a “recreational concept” for the south shore. These two projects are the most likely recreational use there, but additional amenities will be considered. A recreational concept report is in the works, and Friends officials will return to the LPA board in spring 2022 to present it.
Friends currently is accepting donations for the construction of a disc golf course and walking/hiking trail on the south shore. However, final approval of these projects by the LPA board will be required before construction could begin.
A coupon to complete and send with a 2021 tax-deductible donation is available in an ad on page 9. The coupon lists donation options as basketball half-court at Sunset Beach, South Shore future recreational amenities, dog park, and the Friends general fund. Donations by check can be mailed to Friends at P.O. Box 488, Panora, Iowa, 50216.
Direct donations can be sent via Venmo @Friends-Panorama. Donations also can be made by credit card online at www.friendsoflakepanorama.org. Details about other ways to donate, plus all past, present and future Friends projects also are on the Friends website.



A survey conducted by Friends of Lake Panorama in April 2019 showed LPA member interest in additional amenities at Lake Panorama’s beaches. This led to Friends promoting high quality benches at beaches to some families looking for options to memorialize a loved one.
In 2019, a metal bench on a concrete slab was installed at Boulder Beach, in memory of Kim Lubeck. This year, a metal swinging bench was installed at the Boulder Beach playground, in memory of Bill Priestley. Another metal swinging bench was installed at Sunset Beach, on concrete, in memory of Lois and Dean Porath. A stationary metal bench also was installed on concrete at Sunset Beach, in memory of Courtney Allen Sr.
Now locations at all three beaches for these heavier metal benches, either stationary or swinging, have been identified. Each would be placed on a concrete pad. For instance, the area behind the new Boulder Beach wall is suitable for four or five concrete pads with a bench on each.
The current cost of either a stationary or swinging bench on a concrete slab is $3,200. Bench colors available are blue and green. 
These benches can be purchased either as a memorial for a loved one, or by those who want to leave their mark on Lake Panorama while they are alive. The benches include signs that can be engraved with up to four lines of text.
Friends is not conducting a general fundraising campaign for benches. Instead, this “Benches at Beaches” project targets individuals, couples and families interested in sponsoring a single bench. The goal is to find sponsors for several benches before installation would occur, which would mean a cost savings on concrete pours, and possibly reduced shipping costs.
Those interested in discussing the sponsorship of a bench at one of Lake Panorama’s three beaches can email staff@friendsoflakepanorama.org, or call Susan Thompson at 515-240-6536.
Shane goodman headshot

A found wallet, some town square kudos and a wet friend

Posted 10/5/2021
By Shane Goodman
Editor and Publisher

If you subscribe to our Daily Umbrella newsletter, you may recall a column I wrote in recent weeks about losing my keys and the related insanity that ensued. What I did not share is that I did find the keys — about a week later inside a duffle bag of clothes. So I got my keys back — and my sanity, or what little I had.
Lake resident Rick Jacobsen shared a similar but much more interesting story with me recently. During the demolition process of the bathroom facilities on Sunset Beach, LPA staff found a wallet in one of the structures that had been there since at least 1994. They contacted the owner of the wallet, who happened to be Jacobsen’s sister.
“We owned a C lot back in 1994,” Jacobsen told me. “And we used to have family outings at the beaches with our family, including my sister. She must have left it in the bathroom.”
After at least 27 years, the wallet was in “great shape” and still had family photos, phone cards, a calendar and even a recipe from a family friend — all intact.  The only thing missing? Money.
“Someone must have grabbed the cash and stuffed the wallet in the wall,” Jacobsen said.
And how did Jacobsen’s sister respond after learning that her wallet was found?
“She doesn’t even recall losing it,” Jacobsen shared.

Town square kudos
Panora City Administrator Lisa Grossman shared a fun piece about Panora from the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The article discussed how Iowa is blessed with many town squares that serve as community parks, sometimes with a courthouse, a city hall or a gazebo in the center. It then goes on to describe Downtown Panora and the square where the high school was built and the gymnasium that still stands.
For those of you who don’t know, the Panora High School gymnasium was built in 1936 as an addition to the school as WPA Project No. H-1276. The WPA, or Works Progress Administration, was founded in 1935 to provide work for needy persons on public works projects like building bridges, roads, public buildings, public parks and airports. While the school has been torn down, the gymnasium and many other WPA projects still stand today.
Here are two interesting facts from the article. First, in order to dig the footings in the cold January weather, builders had to bust through the frozen ground with dynamite. Second, the first home game played at the gym was Dec. 11, 1936. Ronald “Dutch” Reagan, WHO sports announcer and future U.S. president, was at the high school to cover the new facility and stayed for the evening game.
Of course, the facility is now known as Veteran’s Auditorium. The article shared how youth basketball is held there and pickle ballers have a weekly league, as well as how the auditorium holds important veteran events, parties, fundraisers, political events and community celebrations. Thank you, Lisa, for passing that along.

Another lake chuckle attempt
And finally, some lake humor with a post-Halloween twist.
I saw my friend Bill recently. He could see that I was clearly shaken, and I could see that he was clearly wet. Bill said, “Shane, why are you so scared?” I replied, “I was driving my truck yesterday, and I accidentally hit a deer. I thought it was dead, so I threw it in the lake. By the way, Bill, why are you so wet?” Bill replied, “I was going to a Halloween costume party dressed like a deer. Then someone hit me and threw me in the lake.”
Have a great November, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
Editor and Publisher
515-953-4822, ext. 305


Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

A project on the Lake Panorama National golf course that has been on the drawing board for many years was completed in October. Work on a wall between the LPN No. 5 pond and the green took about five days. An old wall made of railroad ties had been deteriorating for several years, and the ground slope between the pond and the green was unstable.
Country Landscapes of Ames was hired to build a new wall between the pond and the approach area to the green. This project involved stripping the bent grass around the green to reinstall once the work was done. Metal sheets were placed over the water sprinklers, and the pond was partially drained.
The contractor removed the old railroad ties. A trench was dug, and a solid base created. Next came a 36-inch-tall retaining wall made of pre-cast modular concrete blocks installed on the south side of the pond. Rock and fill dirt were added between the wall edge and the green to ensure the slope stays relatively flat and golf balls no longer run off the green and into the pond.
The bent grass near the green that was stripped before construction was reinstalled, and additional seeding was done in areas disturbed. The hole is closed for the remainder of the 2021 season. Golfers should bypass this hole and avoid stepping in or around the freshly laid sod near the new wall. This will allow the area to stabilize in time for play in 2022. 
15990 vid bacon wrappedhalibut

Put Fish on the Family Menu

Posted 11/9/2021
By Jolene Goodman

(Family Features) When meals at home get stale and boring, adding some excitement back to family dinners can be as simple as a protein swap. Despite fish being a no-go for picky eaters in some families, there’s a flavorful solution for adding it to the menu in your home.
If you’re hoping to introduce kids (or a picky spouse) to fish for an at-home shakeup, try wrapping it with a flavorful favorite. This Bacon-Wrapped Halibut recipe calls for lightly seasoned fillets wrapped with all-natural bacon served alongside your favorite grains and vegetables — an easy yet tasty way to put seafood on the table.
Sourced from American Humane Certified family farmers that raise animals 100% crate-free with no antibiotics or added hormones, the Coleman Natural bacon in this 20-minute dish contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives so you can feel good about feeding your family better. Plus, with no sugar, it’s paleo-friendly and perfect for those looking to reduce sugar intake.
To find more family-friendly recipes, visit ColemanNatural.com/Recipes.

 Jolene Goodman is the advertising director for Lake Panorama Times and vice president of Big Green Umbrella Media.


Bacon-Wrapped Halibut

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Servings: 4

4 halibut fillets (6 ounces each), skin removed
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste
8 slices Coleman Natural Bacon
1 tablespoon canola oil
cooked rice or other grain (optional)
salad or other vegetable (optional)
Season halibut with salt and pepper, to taste, then wrap each fillet along shorter side with two bacon slices, tucking ends underneath to hold in place.
In large, nonstick skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add fish and cook, turning once, until bacon is crisp, about 5 minutes on each side.
Serve fish with rice or salad.


Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

In April 2020, Friends of Lake Panorama received a $2,000 check from the Guthrie County Community Foundation (GCCF). This was in response to a grant application from Friends for help with a $70,000 project to install new playground equipment at both Boulder and Shady beaches. Fundraising began in November 2019, and the $70,000 goal was reached in October 2020. The play equipment at Shady Beach was installed that fall, with the Boulder Beach equipment in place by April 2021.
In the past, the foundation held annual receptions to recognize grant recipients. The COVID-19 pandemic led the GCCF board to look for new ways to connect with those receiving grants in 2020 and 2021. The result has been visits by members of the GCCF board to project sites, plus photos taken with the GCCF “Live Here…Give Here” signs and local grant recipients.
In 2020, Friends of Lake Panorama was one of 35 grant recipients. That year, the Guthrie County Community Foundation had $143,902 to give in grants to Guthrie County charitable organizations and projects. In 2021, 23 grant recipients in Guthrie County received a total of $118,632.
Funding for GCCF grants is provided by local donors, the County Endowment Fund Program, and Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation. Through Iowa’s County Endowment Fund Program and Grow Greene County Gaming, a percentage of gaming tax revenue is distributed to community foundations that do not hold a state-issued gaming license. GCCF is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, a nationally accredited Community Foundation that provides GCCF access to the Endow Iowa tax credit and the County Endowment Fund Program.

PICTURED: Members of the Guthrie County Community Foundation (GCCF) board of directors and the Friends of Lake Panorama board gathered recently for a photo at the new playground at Boulder Beach. GCCF board members are visiting project sites where grant funds were used. Friends of Lake Panorama received a $2,000 grant in 2020 to help install new playground equipment at Shady and Boulder beaches. Shown at the Boulder Beach playground, left to right, back row, Kirby Klinge, Tammy Deal and JoAnn Johnson, GCCF board members. Front row, Jan Reinicke, Jody Muench, Jim Tibbles and Emily Spradling, Friends board members. 


Docks must be in compliance by July 1, 2022, to avoid citations.

Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times 

Docks on Lake Panorama are governed by a State of Iowa law passed in 2008. Management of the program falls under the jurisdiction of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR).
Jeremy King is the Iowa DNR conservation officer for Guthrie and Audubon counties. King grew up in Guthrie County. While King was in high school, he worked for the DNR at Springbrook State Park for four summers. After high school, he attended Upper Iowa University.
Later he worked seasonal jobs for the DNR such as fisheries technician, natural resource educator, and water patrol officer. He was hired full-time by the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks as a park manager stationed in Mobridge before being hired by the Iowa DNR as a conservation officer in 2004.
In this month’s Q&A, King reviews the rules and regulations for dock permits as these impact Lake Panorama owners.

Q. Tell us about your duties as a conservation officer for the Iowa DNR. 
A. My job duties are very diverse. I primarily focus on people who hunt, fish, trap, ATV, snowmobile, and boat. However, I am a state-certified officer and have statewide jurisdiction to enforce all state laws. Each year during my primary enforcement, I arrest people for drugs, assist with domestic violence complaints, speeding, and other various law infractions I come across. I am also federally deputized to enforce certain fish and game laws.  

Q. Explain the reasons for the state law regarding dock permits and how this applies to Lake Panorama.
A. The intent of this law passed in 2008 was to have a numbering system on the water like there is on land. This law also provides guidance on distance from property lines, how big docks can be, how many slips are allowed, and other things. Lake Panorama is a unique lake that provides private access to public water. Since the water is public, docks need to be registered. This is to help locate houses or to provide an E911 address in case of an emergency, should it happen on land or on the water, so emergency crews can respond to the location faster.

Q. What are the various classes of docks, and which are most common on Lake Panorama?
A. There are four classes of docks. Generally, the only ones that affect residents of Lake Panorama are Class I and Class III. Class I docks are standard private docks that can have one dock with up to two hoists. There are additional restrictions on the size and configurations that can be used. There is no cost for a Class I permit, but it must be renewed every five years.
Class III docks typically are docks that don’t fall under Class I. The Class III permit application fee is $125 for one or more individual private docks. Each dock permit is issued for a term of five years unless a shorter term is needed due to specified circumstances. Here is an online link to the exact language regarding docks and how it may apply to your situation: https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/iac/chapter/03-18-2015.571.16.pdf

Q. If someone is new to Lake Panorama and putting in a new dock/lift, what do they need to do to get their first permit?
A. The best way is to go to https://www.iowadnr.gov/boatdocks. You will have to create a user name and password. Once you have done that and are logged in, it will walk you through the process of renewing, updating, or initially registering a dock.
If someone purchases a home or lot and the dock/lift comes with the purchase, the dock permit is automatically transferable to the new owner of the shoreline property upon request of the new owner.

Q. What about Lake Panorama property owners who may have had a dock for quite a while but never gotten the necessary permit? 
A. They need to go to the DNR online link provided in the last answer and get the dock registered. Failure to comply could result in being cited to court and a fine. I have been patrolling Lake Panorama for more than 14 years, and since the inception of the dock laws, unregistered docks have been a growing problem. With over 800 docks on the lake, and new construction going up daily, it is hard for me to keep up with all unregistered docks.
There are enough docks now that are not in compliance that action is needed. For property owners who have docks that are not in compliance, they have until July 1, 2022, to get everything that way. After that date, citations may be issued.

Q. Do dock owners receive notification when their dock permit is about to expire?
A. Dock permits are to be renewed every five years, which goes off of the date it was originally permitted, so the dates differ for each dock owner. If an email is on file for the dock owner, an email reminder is sent out. If there is no email, then a letter is mailed. Dock owners can begin renewing their permits on Dec. 15 of their renewal year.

Q When it is time to renew, what should the dock owner do?
A. To renew permits, dock owners need to log on to https://www.iowadnr.gov/boatdocks to access their account and renew their permit. They will need their A&A Account ID (or user name) and password to access their account. If they don’t remember their information, they will have to follow the prompts on the screen to recover it, or call the help desk at 515-281-5703 for assistance. 
Once in the system, users can renew their permit from the account home page. Users can always call the DNR district office and ask for Holly at 712-769-2400 and she can assist in renewing their permit, once they are in the system. Holly cannot help them with IT or login issues. Holly can help most people over the phone if they are having trouble accessing or renewing their permit.

Q. Any final thoughts?
 A. Swim platforms also need to be registered and can be done in the same manner as docks. Here is what Chapter 16 says about permit criteria for rafts, platforms, or other structures: “A raft, platform, or other structure maintained on a public water body requires authorization in a permit. The raft, platform, or other structure may not be placed more than 250 feet from the shoreline, shall be equipped with reflectors that are visible from approaching boats, and shall be subject to the winter removal requirement unless specifically exempted by the permit.”
So, these need their own registration and signage, along with reflectors on all sides. This would also include inflatable rafts people leave in the water. Some of the common ones we see at lakes are giant flamingos and swans. Those technically would have to be permitted if they are left in the water overnight. We have had people leave these in the middle of lakes, and boats run into them when it is dark. That is why there are distance and reflector requirements.
Dock and swim platform signs with the address must face out toward the middle of the body of water. There are a number of them that are facing down the bank and are hard to find or see.
It’s important to make sure you are getting the correct dock permit based on the number of slips, size of your dock, and other things. There are some docks that have a Class I permit, but should be a Class III because they have too many slips. Those will need to be brought into the correct class.
I recommend reviewing the DNR website link provided earlier to get caught up on all the dock rules and regulations. Anyone with questions can contact me either by phone at 712-250-0061 or email at Jeremy.king@dnr.iowa.gov.



Once a permit is received from the Iowa DNR, Lake Panorama dock and swim platform owners need to use that information to order a sign through the LPA office to attach to their dock. This is an LPA program that exists in addition to the DNR regulations.
After the dock permit law was passed in 2008, the LPA board wanted to ensure uniform signage for aesthetic and safety reasons. Calling an ambulance from the water is confusing, and these signs ensure addresses are easily identified by everyone.
The sign order form can be found on the LPA website or picked up in person at the LPA office. Some general information is needed, including your 911 address and the DNR permit number. There is a $50 fee to cover the cost of the sign. The LPA office will let the member know when the dock sign arrives, and can be picked up from the office.

WFPF hopes to be back doing the Christmas Home tour in December of 2022.

Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

The area service club Women for Panora’s Future (WFPF) normally sponsors a Christmas tour of homes the first Sunday in December. The tour was canceled in 2020 and also won’t be held this year.
“Out of an abundance of caution due to COVID, we chose not to pursue a Christmas Home Tour for 2021, and risk possibly exposing our hosts and hostesses to this virus, plus the more than 200 participants who support our tour,” says Debbie Rockwell, WFPF president.
Visitors tour the inside of host homes that have been decorated for Christmas. Rockwell says the group hopes to be back doing the WFPF Christmas Home tour in December of 2022.
“Anyone who loves to decorate for Christmas can contact me at rockwell2@netins.net to get on our list of upcoming homes,” she says. “We have a great committee that will reach out to you and answer all of your questions. Being a host for the tour is a good way to get your decorating out of the way early, so you can enjoy all of the Christmas activities while everyone else is frantically putting up their tree.”
The home tour normally raises enough money to award $500 scholarships to two graduating Panorama Community School students each spring. Brian Bahrenfus, head coach of the Panorama baseball team, has a collection area for cans by the recycling bins in Panora. The baseball team uses this income to fund things it needs. Bahrenfus has agreed to let WFPF collect the cans May and June of 2022 to use toward the student scholarships. Signs will be posted at the drop-off site those two months to remind donors of the change, and information will be provided through social and print media.
Another WFPF fundraiser involves selling raffle tickets for a monthly plate of cookies or a pie with the winning name drawn at the group’s September meeting.
WFPF members help decorate the Panora town square for Christmas and run the candy cane walk and cake walk during community events. They donate cookies for Memorial Day activities and the Haunted Village; clean the roadside ditches on Highway 4 north of Panora twice a year; hold two blood drives a year; and donate money to several local organizations. They also purchase Christmas presents for all residents of Panora Specialty Care.
The group meets the first Tuesday of each month and is always looking for new members. Contact Rockwell at rockwell2@netins.net for more information.

Lake Panorama RIZ election Dec. 7
Polls will be open from noon until 8 p.m.

Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

Voting for one position on the Lake Panorama Rural Improvement Zone (RIZ) board will take place Tuesday, Dec. 7. The polls will be open from noon until 8 p.m. in the lower level of the LPA office, 5006 Panorama Drive.
Or voters can request absentee ballots from the Guthrie County Auditor for the “Special Election” and fill in Lake Panorama RIZ. The last date to request an absentee ballot via U.S. Postal Service is Nov. 22. Voters also can vote absentee at the auditor’s office in the Guthrie County courthouse from Nov. 17 through Dec. 6.
Trustee Larry Petersen is running for re-election. Other trustees on the RIZ board are Bill Dahl, Doug Hemphill, JoAnn Johnson and Corey Welberg.
Voting is limited to individuals whose voter registration address is located within the Lake Panorama subdivision. LPA members who do not consider Lake Panorama their primary residence for voting purposes are not eligible to cast a ballot.
This is a government election, not an LPA election. Every eligible voter can cast a ballot. This differs from LPA elections, where each membership is allowed just one vote.
The trustees are responsible for administering the RIZ, which includes the platted portions of the Lake Panorama development. The Lake Panorama RIZ is a local government entity designed to manage erosion control and water quality at Lake Panorama and within its watershed.
The RIZ was formed in 1997 by the initiative of the LPA through legislation in Des Moines. The tax increment financing district allows tax growth dollars to stay within the Lake Panorama development for water quality purposes.
The board of trustees oversees the annual budget and associated expenditures. Estimated revenue for the 2021-2022 fiscal year is $2.6 million. These funds are used exclusively to fund improvements allowed under IA Code 357.H, which includes dredging operations, erosion control practices and water quality improvements.
A key focus of RIZ is the dredging of sediment from Lake Panorama. This ensures lake depth remains suitable for safe enjoyment by LPA members and their guests.
The most notable project approved this year is the expansion of the 180th Trail Basin, formerly known as the CIPCO Basin. This project will occur over multiple years and will represent an investment of about $4 million. The project will provide Lake Panorama with a sediment basin for use after the County Basin is full.
Also being completed in 2021 are the armoring of select areas in Burchfield Cove and the County Basin, as well as the replacement of the 15,000-gallon fuel barrel that serves the dredging operations. Development is underway for the fourth and fifth wetlands serving the lake’s watershed. For more information on Lake Panorama RIZ, visit its website at www.lakepanoramariz.org

Four current drivers typically drive a scheduled day every week. 

Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

The Guthrie County Hospital in Guthrie Center opened in 1951 and has been serving residents of Guthrie and neighboring counties ever since.
One reason for the hospital’s ongoing success is the Guthrie County Hospital Foundation, which was formed in 1995. The foundation was organized to generate and manage donations to the Guthrie County Hospital (GCH). It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, which allows donors to receive tax benefits.
The Foundation’s mission is to provide financial support to the Guthrie County Hospital so it can offer quality healthcare close to home. One way it helps reach that mission is by providing free transportation to medical appointments.
In 2004, the Foundation launched the Guthrie County Hospital Courtesy Van. Besides purchasing the vans, all maintenance and operating costs are covered by the Foundation. One cost the Foundation doesn’t have for the van program is drivers, because volunteers do the driving.
There currently are four regular drivers, who typically drive a scheduled day every week. These volunteers include Reuben Hanson, JoAnn Johnson, Bill Sparks and Bob Subbert. There also are three substitute drivers, including Stan Landon, Ron Eike and Bruce Roenfeld.
Officials say there is a need for additional drivers. All drivers are required to pass a background check. Volunteer drivers can have a free lunch at Sneakers Café located in the hospital’s Healthy Living Center on their driving day, and can use the fitness center at no cost on days they aren’t driving.
“Driving the courtesy van is a wonderful, fulfilling opportunity to serve the community,” says JoAnn Johnson. “I can guarantee it will give you a feel-good day.”
Stan Landon has been a volunteer driver since November 2013.
“I have met many folks who have taken advantage of the shuttle service, and I am honored to be able to give back to my community in this way,” he says. “Without this program and volunteer staff, many patients would be hard-pressed to make it to appointments necessary to maintain their health.”
The shuttle service was placed on hold in 2020 because of the COVID pandemic.
“As a volunteer driver, I found myself missing the interaction and conversations with the clients and worried about the health of many,” Landon says. “Once the service was restored this year, it’s been nice seeing familiar faces. I believe the shuttle service has made a huge difference in the overall mental and physical health of the residents of Guthrie County.”
The clients who use the courtesy van service are equally pleased. Jackie Kilcoin of Adair recently used the van service to get to and from physical therapy appointments.
“It’s wonderful, since I wasn’t able to drive myself. All the drivers are very courteous and helpful. This is a service that is much appreciated in our community,” Kilcoin says.
Another client, Carol Seela of Casey, calls the courtesy van “one of the best services a small rural hospital can offer. More hospitals should offer this service.”
Annette Kent of Guthrie Center says the drivers are timely and professional. “They’re also very accommodating if I have last minute appointments,” she says.
Patrick Peters is the CEO of Guthrie County Hospital. “When I interviewed for this position, the fact that the hospital had a volunteer van driving service left a large and pleasant impression on me,” he says. “On my flight back to Arizona I was thinking about what a great community this must be to take such great good care of its people.”
Peters says the service is a symbol of pride for the hospital and the community it serves.
“On behalf of the employees of Guthrie County Hospital and the hospital’s board of trustees, I want to send out a huge thank you to our drivers who volunteer to perform this selfless and generous service to the people we serve,” Peters says.
In the beginning there was just one van, and it was only available to senior citizens 60 and older. Now there are two courtesy vans available for anyone living in Guthrie County who doesn’t have access to a car and is 18 years or older.
Anyone who fits these criteria can request a ride to and from an appointment at the Guthrie County Hospital, one of the GCH Clinics in Adair, Panora and Stuart, the Guthrie Family Medicine Center in Guthrie Center, or to congregate meals at Sneakers Café.
The vans operate Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Those needing a ride should contact Melissa at 641-332-3810 to submit a request. Those interested in volunteering as a van driver can call the same phone number to learn more.
Donations can be designated to the van program to help with operating expenses. Donations can be made by cash, check, wills, stocks, bonds, real estate, and many other charitable instruments. The Guthrie County Hospital Foundation mailing address is 710 N. 12th Street, Guthrie Center, IA 50115. For more information, call 641-332-2201 or stop by the front office of the hospital.

PICTURED: Three current volunteer drivers for the GCH Foundation courtesy van are, left to right, Reuben Hanson, JoAnn Johnson and Stan Landon. More volunteer drivers are needed, both those willing to drive on a regular basis one day a week and also substitute drivers to fill in when the regular drivers aren’t available. 
Lpahistorybook copy

Consider Lake Panorama history book for gift giving

Posted 11/9/2021
Looking for a holiday gift for family members or friends? Consider purchasing one or more copies of “Lake Panorama – The First 50 Years.” The book, authored by Susan Thompson, arrived at the Lake Panorama Association office July 19, 2019.
The full-color, hardcover 112-page book includes both historic and contemporary photos. Chapters in the book describe six decades of planning and development. There also are special topic chapters on Lake Panorama’s golf courses, infrastructure, and water quality efforts. Sidebar stories highlight various groups and activities such as HALO, Lake Panorama ski team, Fin and Feather, Fourth of July fireworks and more.
The LPA financed the book’s production. About 1,000 books were printed with 350 purchased online in advance, and another 325 purchased since the book’s arrival. About 325 remain in stock.
The book’s cost is $35, which includes tax. LPA will ship at an additional cost of $5 per book. Once ordered online, books will be shipped from Panora in seven to 10 business days.
Books are available for direct purchase at the front desk of the LPA Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The book also is available at the Lake Panorama National front desk during daily business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Purchases can be made at the LPA and LPN via cash, check, or credit card. The book also is available at the Panora Library with purchases cash or check only.
Here is the link to order online and have one or more books shipped: https://lakepanorama.formstack.com/forms/order


Posted 11/9/2021
The annual LPN Holiday Brunch at Lake Panorama National Resort will be Sunday, Dec. 19. Service will be from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. with reservations taken every half hour. The cost is $24 for adults, $11 for children ages 5 to 12, with children ages 4 and younger free.
The brunch will offer both breakfast and lunch items. Breakfast items will include scrambled eggs, egg casserole, biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, cheesy potatoes, hash browns, a waffle bar, and displays of both Danishes and fresh fruit.
Lunch items will include herb roasted chicken, seared pork loin with sage sauce, a poached salmon display, roast beef carving station, baked pasta, shrimp cocktail, roasted new potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet corn, dinner rolls, mixed green salad with dressings and toppings, caprese salad and pasta salad.
Desserts offered will include pumpkin pie, apple pie, assorted cream pies and brownies. The Links regular menu will not be available the day of the brunch. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the LPN front desk at 641-755-2080.

New LPA website to launch

Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

The first website for the Lake Panorama Association (LPA) came online in 2001. It underwent a major revision with a new host in 2009, which made it possible to send email to all registered members of the site. That LPA site still is in use today and provides information weekly through the Panorama Prompt e-bulletin to about 1,400 LPA members.
Over the years, the current website has become more difficult to navigate, as additional information and features were added. Now work is underway to launch a new LPA website that will be simpler to use, while continuing to provide the ability for LPA staff to communicate directly with members and provide the important documents they need.
LPA staff chose FRONTSTEPS to help develop and host the new website. FRONTSTEPS is a software and website hosting provider designed specifically for associations made up of property owners. Work began in late 2019 but was put on hold in early 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Our current website has fallen behind,” says Lane Rumelhart, LPA project manager. “I often receive comments from members who struggle to navigate our current site, whether it be searching for a document, or trying to find information on our amenities, rules, codes and other things. The new website will be much more intuitive, and will help members and non-members find all the information they need.”
As with the current site, there will be both public and private sides. The home page on the public site will include information about Lake Panorama and the LPA. Tabs will take visitors to the lake’s history and Frequently Asked Questions.
A “Documents” tab will make it possible for those wanting to learn more about the LPA to choose from a list of governing documents, including the association’s bylaws, covenants, rules and regulations, boating regulations, building codes and more.
A “Helpful Links” tab will provide direct links to Coulter’s Panorama Marine, the LPA Water Safety Video, Lake Panorama Rural Improvement Zone (RIZ), Lake Panorama National Resort, Friends of Lake Panorama, Fin and Feather, and Lake Panorama Times. Contact information for the LPA is easily found on the public site.
The LPA home page will have tabs for “Resident Sign-Up” and “Resident Sign-In.” The private side of the website will be restricted to Lake Panorama property owners.
Once the website has been launched, emails will be sent to all property owners who currently have an email address registered with the LPA office. This will provide details on how to use the “Resident Sign-Up” button to request access. Once an LPA staff person has verified the login request came from a property owner, access to the private side of the website will be approved.
LPA members who have not registered for the current website won’t receive an email invitation. Yet they also will be able to set-up an account through the “Resident Sign-Up” option and gain access to the private side of the website once they are verified as an LPA member.
The private side is simple to navigate, with the primary focus on information sharing. A “Documents” tab will take the member to a list of folders. Each one is named to easily see what can be found inside by clicking on the folder. For instance, the “Boating” folder contains a map of Lake Panorama coves, a map showing buoy placements, boating regulations, and documents related to invasive species, guest boaters, and vessel size and horsepower limits.
Other folders are related to LPA board meetings and minutes, building codes, LPA forms, governing documents, annual drinking water quality reports, hunting, yard waste locations and more. Those who register for the website will be signed up to receive the Panorama Prompt. One of the folders will hold a one-year archive of this weekly e-newsletter. 
Special bulletins, such as notifications of water line repairs or road work, will be created using the new website, distributed via email, and posted on the website. Community FAQs also will be available. Some of these will be similar to the FAQs on the public side, while some will be specific just to LPA members, such as hunting regulations and maps.
Advance notice of the launch date will be publicized in the Panorama Prompt, and members can expect to receive an email shortly after the launch with details on how to create their account and gain access to the website. This will be necessary for members to continue to receive the Panorama Prompt and other LPA bulletins, plus access LPA documents that will only be available on the private side of the website.
“This new website will not only make things easier and simpler for members, but it also will allow members to check and see if their current contact information is up to date with LPA,” Rumelhart says.
John Rutledge, LPA general manager, says it will be important for members to opt-in to the new website by registering.
“Members will be prompted to register via email, but they must complete the final step to ensure their information is up to date and they are in our system to receive weekly email bulletins and special announcements,” he says.
A date has not yet been set for the launch of the new website. Those with questions will be asked to call the LPA office at 641-755-2301 once the new website is online. 

The Panora Chamber held a Business After Hours event at Twin Vines on Oct. 18.

Posted 11/9/2021

Isom Tree Farm is located on Highway 25 north of Guthrie Center near Springbrook State Park.  

Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

Larry and Heather Isom grew up in California, her on the coast and him near Death Valley. They met as employees at a local pizzeria in San Luis Obispo where he was attending Cal Poly University. They married in 1998 and moved to the Midwest two years later.
Sixteen years ago, they settled into a home on Lake Panorama’s Burchfield Cove. Larry is director of engineering at Power Lift in Jefferson. Heather is trained in interior design but “retired” in 2009 when their daughter was born. The couple now has two children. Danica is 12 years old, and Clint is 8.
Larry’s father’s retirement plan was to own and operate a tree farm. Roland and Laura Isom learned to love Iowa when they visited Larry and Heather from their home in California.
“His retirement plan was planting 1,200 sugar maple trees,” says Larry. “Dad worked civil service as a programmer for the Navy for most of his career. My mom was a school teacher. In 2010, they bought the ‘Glades old place’ and started the tree farm.”
The tree farm is on Highway 25 north of Guthrie Center near Springbrook State Park. Larry and his father planted 1,200 sugar maples in 2010.
“He wanted to grow sugar maples because they are a nice, fast-growing hardwood tree, and because he wanted to produce maple syrup,” Larry says.
The 13 acres of land where the trees were planted was a pasture surrounded by mature trees on the east and west. The Middle Raccoon River, which flows into Lake Panorama, borders the south side of the tree farm. A house and large metal shed are on the north.  
Although they had a tree farm in Iowa, Roland and Laura continued to live in California. Within a couple of years, Laura retired from teaching and made the tree farm her semi-permanent location. Larry’s sister also moved to Iowa and lives in the Cedar Falls area.
Roland continued to work and make frequent trips to Iowa. He retired in 2017 and moved to the tree farm. But he didn’t get to enjoy his retirement plan for long; he passed away just short of one year after retirement.
“I helped Dad lay out and plant those first 1,200 trees,” Larry says. “We had been helping him on the farm since then and started doing all the work after he passed.” Last year, Larry and Heather purchased the farm from his mother, who still lives in the house there.
One part of Roland Isom’s retirement plan was to make maple syrup, and he was able to do that for about five years with his son’s help. Larry and Heather have continued the process.
“The sap flows in sugar maple trees when the temperature is above freezing in the days and below freezing at night,” Larry says. “We start in mid-February and go to mid-March. We stop when the trees start to flower, because the sap turns very dark and has a bitter taste.”
It takes between 40 and 60 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of maple syrup. The sap is reduced over a wood-burning firepit, then moved to a cooktop in the shed. When it reaches 66 percent sugar, it is maple syrup, ready to be bottled and labeled. The Isoms maintain a list of previous customers, plus friends and family.
“We sell what we have on a first-come, first-serve basis,” Heather says. “It doesn’t last long.”
In 2017, the Isoms started tree planting again.
“We had lost about 50 percent of the original trees, many to flooding from the Raccoon River that left half of the tree field under water,” Larry says. “Since we had to replant, we added red, amur flame and silver maples.”
Tree planting now is an annual event with 18” tall, bare root trees shipped to them in boxes each spring and fall. Conifers are planted in the spring, and deciduous trees in the fall. The family plants 400 to 600 trees per year and has about 2,000 trees in the field now.
Four years ago, the Isoms planted their first Christmas trees, adding Scotch pine, white pine and fir.
“It was always part of the plan to grow our own Christmas trees,” Heather says. “Christmas is an important holiday in our family.”
Eventually the family will offer a “choose and cut” Christmas tree operation. Customers will stop in the heated shop to check in before going to the field to choose their tree. They will be able to either take a saw to cut down the tree themselves, or find what they want and have it cut for them.
“We should be able to start selling pine trees in three years,” says Larry. “Our goal is to get to a place where we can sell about 200 Christmas trees each year.”
Also in the shop will be a variety of wreaths, something that was sold for the first time last year. Heather and Danica are the wreath-makers in the family. Larry created a special corner in the heated shop for them.
“Last year we sold 15. This year we are aiming for 50 wreaths,” Heather says. “We love doing it together. Danica has quite a talent for decorating them. For now we buy ‘Charlie Brown’ trees from other tree farms, but once we get going we will have enough greenery on our farm for wreaths.” The pair already has several preorders and will have a booth at the Holiday Craft Fair in Panora the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Another part of the Isom Tree Farm business is transplanting trees people want moved on their property, plus selling and planting trees from their farm.
“We have 100 sugar maples available for sale now to plant for landscaping,” Larry says. “We move these with a tree spade. The cost is $300 for the tree and planting it within a 30-mile radius of the farm. Eventually, some of our Christmas trees also will be sold as windbreak trees.”
Tree transplanting is only done in the fall or spring and is most successful when done in the fall, Isom says. Spring is usually wetter, and that makes the process more challenging. He is taking orders now and expects to move trees from mid-October into December.
In addition to the farm, work and keeping up with their two children, Heather and Larry are active in the Iowa Christmas Tree Association where Larry serves on the board of directors. The family has both a ski boat and a pontoon on Lake Panorama and enjoy time on both. Larry, Danica and Clint all are members of the Lake Panorama ski team.
While Larry and Heather say running a tree farm wasn’t in their long-term plans, they both enjoy it. Larry says he just likes to “do stuff, and there’s always plenty to do here.”
“It’s good family time for us,” Heather says. “Bringing the kids to the farm gets them away from their screens and outside to enjoy the fresh air. They’ve turned into good helpers when we’re working in the field.”
For more information about purchasing trees, or having current trees moved, the Isoms say phone calls or texts are best. Larry can be reached at 641-757-9817, with Heather at 641-757-7882. The Isom Tree Farm also is on Facebook, plus has a website at IsomTreeFarm.com. Email is isomtreefarm@gmail.com.


Posted 11/9/2021
Submit items for UPCOMING EVENTS calendar at www.lakepanoramatimes.com
Event dates and times are subject to change. Contact hosts for updated details.

Veterans Day
Thursday, Nov. 11

Free Breakfast for Veterans 
Thursday, Nov. 11
8-11 a.m.
Lake Panorama National Resort is offering a free breakfast in the LPN conference center free to all veterans. Families and friends of veterans, or those who simply want to take this chance to thank veterans for their service, can purchase the buffet for $8. No reservations are needed.

No school
Thursday, Nov. 12

Furry Family Photos
Sunday, Nov. 21
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Twin Vines

Panora City Council meeting
Monday, Nov. 22
6:30 p.m.

LPA monthly board meeting
Tuesday, Nov. 23
5 p.m.
Lake Panorama National

No school
Wednesday, Nov. 24 through Friday, Nov. 26

Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, Nov. 25

WSO Salad Luncheon
Friday, Dec. 3
St. Cecilia Catholic Church basement. Tickets are $15. 641-751-5956

RIZ election
Thursday, Dec. 7
Noon to 8 p.m.
LPA office lower level

No school
Friday, Dec. 10

Panora City Council meeting
Monday, Dec. 13
6:30 p.m.

Annual LPN Holiday Brunch
Sunday, Dec. 19
10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. with reservations taken every half hour. Reservations are required.
Adults, $24; kids ages 5 to 12, $11; ages 4 and younger, free
Lake Panorama National Resort


Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

It’s never too soon to start planning a great party. That’s what Lake Panorama National Resort staff are doing, planning a great party to help ring in 2022.
Dec. 31 will bring events for both children and adults. A Noon Year’s Eve party for kids will involve cookie decorating, crafts, activities, and a milk and cookie toast at noon. This party will be 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with a cost of $10 per child.
An adult New Year’s Eve party in the banquet room will begin with a cash bar and hors d’oeuvres at 6 p.m. Buffet dinner stations will be set up around the room from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. A chocolate fountain buffet will remain open until 11 p.m. and feature brownies, poundcake, fruit, pretzels and marshmallows.
A disc jockey will provide music throughout the evening with dancing starting at 8 p.m. The cost is $50 per person or $90 per couple. Ticket prices include social hour appetizers, buffet, chocolate fountain, party favors, dancing, and a champagne toast at midnight.
Room packages are available that combine overnight lodging and admission tickets. Attendance is being capped at 200. Dress code is anywhere from business casual to formal dress. To purchase tickets or reserve a room package, contact the LPN front desk at 641-755-2080. 
Fullsizeoutput 24be

Cove Cat

Posted 11/9/2021
By Cheryl Temple
Lake Panorama Times

Name: Archie
Age: 2
Breed: Tabby
Owners: Carol and Gerry Frank

Adopted from Panora Pets, Archie is a male Tabby that loves to play, run around on the wood floors and hang out on the deck. Archie enjoys treats but is still not trusting enough to eat out of anyone’s hand. According to Archie, dinner time begins around 1:30 p.m. Archie and Gerry are best buds, maybe because they are both guys and sport whiskers.
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Lake Dog

Posted 11/9/2021
By Cheryl Temple
Lake Panorama Times

Name: Monet
Age: 5
Breed: Cockapoo
Owners: Melissa and Milo Merical

Monet and her family have lived many years at the lake. The last 15 have been full-time. Monet enjoys swimming in the family pool and chasing turkey, deer, fox and even rodents, but her favorite activity is playing ball. Monet makes a great watch dog but eventually warms up to people.

Trish Hart’s nature photo of the month

Posted 11/9/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times 

There are 280 different species in the squirrel family that live throughout the world, 40 of which are tree squirrels. The most common tree squirrel in the Lake Panorama area are fox squirrels, named because of their coloration similar to red foxes that also inhabit the area. Local photographer Trish Hart snapped this photo of a fox squirrel on one of her birdfeeders.
“Our squirrels are little acrobats that climb up and down the pole to get to the feeder,” she says.
According to the Iowa DNR, squirrel paws are hand-like, with little, primitive thumbs and strong claws for grasping at tree bark. These features, combined with a squirrel’s ability to rotate its hind feet 180 degrees, allow the animal to descend head-first from a tree. These same nimble hands also make it easy for squirrels to steal from birdfeeders. To prevent a squirrel from getting to a hanging bird feeder like the one pictured here, try making the cord slick by coating it with vegetable oil.
Trish Hart offers custom prints of her photos on canvas, paper, metal and glass. For more information, visit NaturesCanvasPhotos on Facebook. 

Drumming for the Pulsating Pilgrims earned Reuben Hanson his second Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame induction this year.

Posted 10/5/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

Lake Panorama resident Reuben Hanson and his wife, Karen, spent Labor Day weekend at Okoboji. The trip wasn’t to escape from this lake to that lake, but rather for Reuben to be inducted, for the second time, into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame.
The Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame & Museum is located at Arnold’s Park in Okoboji. The association annually inducts musicians, bands, DJs, ballrooms and others who have significantly contributed to rock and roll music in Iowa. More than 300 entities have been inducted since 1997 when the nonprofit was established.
Inductees must have a minimum of 25 years of experience in the music industry, criteria which Hanson easily meets. As a young child, he turned his mother’s pots and pans into drums. By the time he was 5, he was playing the real thing.
In the fall of 1960, Hanson, his cousin Jim Shea, and friends Mike Erskine and Rick Van Haitsma formed a rock and roll band. They were in the eighth grade in the Sioux City school system and called themselves the Rockets. To better reflect their music, they soon changed their name to The Rockers.
It was Hanson’s role as a founder and performer for The Rockers that first landed him in the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame in August 2003.
After high school graduation, Hanson left Sioux City to attend Augustana University in Sioux Falls, where he found a home with another band. The Fabulous Jadesmen began performing in 1964 and played through 1966, when the other three band members graduated, leaving Hanson behind.
He spent his final year of college and several months after college playing with The Pulsating Pilgrims.
“We were what was known then as a ‘show’ band, because we had horns,” Hanson says. “And our front guys had choregraphed moves for each song.”
Another thing that set the Pilgrims apart was their costumes.
“We had three costume changes for each show,” Hanson says. “Our first outfits included blue silk paisley dinner jackets, white ruffled shirts and black pants. Next came brown business suits with ties. The final set had us in blue satin knickers, shirts and capes, like the Pilgrims wore, plus black buckled shoes and stovepipe hats, knee-high white leggings and big white collars.”
The Pilgrims toured throughout the upper Midwest, including many appearances in Iowa, such as the Val-Air Ballroom in Des Moines, Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, and other ballrooms in Cedar Rapids, Storm Lake, Fort Dodge, Carroll and Rock Rapids.
Hanson says one criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame is how often someone was the opening act for better known talent.
“Whenever a big act came to town, the venue would hire local talent,” Hanson says. “We opened for many groups, including the Everly Brothers several times, the Beach Boys and others.”
It was his time drumming for the Pulsating Pilgrims that earned Hanson his second Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame induction this year. The Labor Day weekend affair included a meet-and-greet, autograph sessions, a formal induction ceremony with plaque presentations, and a concert at the Arnold’s Park Roof Garden. 
There were 30 bands and individuals inducted for 2021. Several of the bands performed during the concert, including the Pulsating Pilgrims.
“We played six songs,” Hanson says. “We never had a chance to practice, and it had been 10 years since we last played together. But I thought we sounded pretty good.”
A video taken of their performance at the Roof Garden shows the crowd agreed, with cheers and applause, plus a standing ovation.
Hanson also has been inducted twice into the South Dakota Rock and Roll Music Association Hall of Fame. The Fabulous Jadesmen were honored in 2009 and the Pulsating Pilgrims in 2011.
The Hansons have lived at Lake Panorama for nearly 20 years. Reuben had a long career in the financial services industry, and the family moved from Colorado to Iowa because of his position with Wells Fargo. Now retired, and 76 years old, Hanson jokes that is 186 in “drummer years.”
Hanson continues to play his drums. The Fabulous Jadesmen met for a “band camp” in Omaha in 1999. Several similar get-togethers fostered the idea of a reunion tour that took them to Omaha, the Twin Cities and Sioux Falls. In 2003, they played at the Sioux Falls Blues and Jazz Festival, which was headlined by Tower of Power and the Neville Brothers.
Hanson’s current band is the Four Shades of Grey. It was formed at the request of Ray Johnson, a former Lake Panorama resident who was the entertainment chairman for the 2013 Panorama Days. Johnson had lined up several musical acts but was looking for a rock-and-roll band, and asked Hanson if he could help.
Hanson talked with Bill Labath, who had played guitar and sang with the Overboard Band. Labath agreed to recruit some others with experience in bands to join him and Hanson. Mike Bowles from Yale, on keyboard, plus Kim Jackson of Perry and Earl Turner of Bagley, both on guitar, filled out the band.
The group tried a session in Hanson’s basement and decided they could make this work. They learned and practiced eight songs to perform at that year’s Panorama Days.  Several Panorama Days performances followed. Bowles and Turner eventually left the band and were replaced by Joel Ambrose and Dennis Trammel, both of Dallas Center.
The band continues to perform, with gigs at the Owl’s Nest, the Port, Lake Panorama National, PJ’s Drive-in for the Bacoon Ride, Kenny’s Garage in Waukee and many more.
The band recently played at the annual Dallas Center Days celebration and a private party in Minburn.
“We like to play,” Hanson says. “We say we would play for nothing, we just need paid enough to make it worth hauling all our equipment.” 

More than 80 walkers on 10 teams raised more than $20,000.

Posted 10/5/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

The Raccoon River Valley Walk to End Alzheimer’s held in Panora Sept. 11 exceeded its fundraising goal. More than 80 walkers on 10 teams raised more than $20,000, well above the $12,500 goal set for the event.
These Alzheimer’s Association fundraising walks are held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide. There are 18 walks scheduled in Iowa this fall, with Panora being the smallest town to host one.
The walk began at the Michael Mills Memorial Park. Prior to the walk, Sue Bump and Traci Kauffman of Reshape Fitness Studio led the walkers in warmup exercises.
Barry Monaghan was the emcee for the opening ceremony. He said more than six million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s, and 11 million unpaid caregivers are helping loved ones who suffer from the disease. 
Spinning flowers in four colors were available for walk participants to place in a Promise Garden. Monaghan showed each flower and explained its meaning. Blue — someone living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. Purple — someone who has lost someone to the disease. Yellow — a person currently supporting or caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s. Orange — a person who supports the cause and the Alzheimer’s Association’s vision of a world without the disease.
Monaghan also displayed a white flower, which will represent the first survivor of Alzheimer’s, once a cure is found.
The 2-mile route for the walk involved heading east from the park, north to PJ’s Drive-In, then south on the Raccoon River Valley Trail, before looping back to the park. 
Edwards Jones is a national presenting sponsor of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Dave Grove, an Edward Jones financial advisor based in Panora, and Melissa Loest, an Edward Jones financial advisor in Guthrie Center, were instrumental in getting the local walk scheduled.
“Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects almost every family,” said Grove. “We lost my grandmother, Kay, to Alzheimer’s in early 2019, and my family walked in her memory as Team Kay Grove. The walk was a great opportunity to show support for families impacted by the disease.”
In addition to Edward Jones, sponsors of the local walk included the Lakeside Village, the New Homestead, Guthrie County State Bank, Panora Specialty Care, Iowa Trust & Savings Bank, Wesley Life at Home, Panora Telco, Dowd Drug and St. Croix Hospice. Crafty’s Coffee and Hometown Foods of Panora provided coffee and bottled water at registration.
Nancy Wells, Melissa Borgeson and Jaime Waddle also served on the planning committee and gave many hours of their time to make the walk a success. Plans are in the works to hold a second Raccoon River Valley Walk to End Alzheimer’s in late summer of 2022.

Inflation is having an impact on budgets for the coming year with increases in the cost of materials and labor.

Posted 10/5/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

At the Sept. 2 “Coffee with the GM,” John Rutledge, LPA general manager and LPN, LLC director of operations, said the annual budgeting process for both the Lake Panorama Association and Lake Panorama National is underway.
“We start working on budgets each September by determining what capital projects and purchases we need to make in the coming year to continue improving both the LPA and LPN, LLC,” Rutledge said. “In October, our staff works on operating budgets. The goal is to get LPA board approval of all 2022 budgets at its November meeting.”
Rutledge said this timeline makes it possible to get LPA dues statements and LPN golf membership forms out in December.
Inflation is having some impact on budgets for the coming year, with increases in the cost of materials and labor. Rutledge used fuel as an example.
“We purchase between 75,000 and 80,000 gallons of fuel each year,” he said. “Most of that goes to the dredging operation, but we need fuel all across our operations. We’re constantly looking at fuel prices and try to make purchases at times when we can get the best deal.”
Rutledge said staff incorporates biofuels and environmentally friendly lubricants into Lake Panorama’s strategy.
“We’re trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible,” he said.
Monitoring blue-green algae in the lake this year has been challenging.
“Drought, low flow and clear water have created ideal conditions for a ‘bloom’ of blue-green algae,” Rutledge said. “This has happened earlier than normal, and it’s happening across Iowa, not just at Lake Panorama.”
Rutledge said LPA has done testing for microcystin concentrations in blue-green algae blooms in previous years.
“This is the first year that test results have led us to issue safety warnings to not swim in the lake,” he said. “We don’t like sounding the alarm bell, and we don’t say the entire lake is dangerous. These tests take time to be processed, so conditions may have changed since a sample was taken.”
He encouraged the use of common sense, such as keeping dogs from drinking lake water in areas of heavy bloom. If conditions look scummy or the water has a colored film on top, swimming and water recreation should be avoided. Testing for the 2021 season has ended, but will resume in 2022 when conditions warrant.
Seal coating on Lake Panorama’s roads is complete. Because of issues with oil bleeding through in hot weather, the seal coat vendor recommended an alternative product that costs more but is less prone to bleed-through and tar splatter. Rutledge said the LPA is pleased with this new product and thinks this adjustment will help get the tar splatter issue under control.
Some earthwork is being done at the dam this fall between the concrete spillway and the auxiliary spillway, where water can go during a flood. Rutledge said this is a proactive step to ensure water going over the auxiliary spillway doesn’t impact the dam’s concrete spillway.
Rutledge said, as the 2021 boating season winds down, LPA staff and the water safety committee welcomes feedback on the current buoy map and any safety concerns.
“I think most people are happy with current buoy placements, but if you aren’t, get in touch to let us know what changes you’d like to see made,” he said. “We are hearing concerns about the waves that wake boats cause. The water safety committee this fall will be discussing this issue. One option that has been suggested is to set limits on the times these boats could be operated on the lake.”
Turning to the Lake Panorama Rural Improvement Zone (RIZ), Rutledge said it has been three years since the RIZ board approved $11 million in debt certificates for future projects.
“The RIZ program requires debt to be incurred for payments to be received, so we are always looking to ‘front load’ projects,” he said.
That previous funding commitment is being used this year to riprap the west side of the Burchfield stream, and create a “bench” that will allow an excavator to dredge sediment in that area. This project cost $300,000.
RIZ also is financing $375,000 in erosion repair work along the road near the county basin. A new fuel tank and cold storage shed at the dredge dock is another project being completed this fall.
Rutledge said the cold storage shed is needed because more parts of the dredge need to be kept on hand.
“Getting needed parts and supplies has become more difficult, with longer wait times,” he said. “With this new building, we’ll be able to store more items we know we’ll need in the future.”
Plans to raise the sides of the old CIPCO sediment basin at a cost of $4 million are in the works. The basin is located next to the dredge boat dock, above the debris trap.
“The LPA has owned this basin since the association made a broader purchase from CIPCO. We still tend to call it the ‘CIPCO Basin’ internally, but felt it was best to rename it the 180th Trail Basin for public bid documents. After all, CIPCO hasn’t had any involvement in the basin for decades,” Rutledge said. “We’ll continue to use the County Basin for sediment storage through the rest of this decade. We’re looking 10 years down the road to a time when we’ll need additional silt storage.”
Rutledge said emerald ash borers have reached the area, and LPA soon will need to budget for the removal of dead ash trees. The LPA is having about 100 trees in “critical locations” treated, in an attempt to save these.
“Removing trees not being treated will give those that are treated a better chance to survive,” he said. “Our staff will be able to remove some trees, but we will most likely need to hire contractors to take some trees out.”
At Lake Panorama National, Rutledge said Country Landscapes has been hired to build a wall this fall along the north end of the pond on LPN’s fifth hole. The approach area between the green and the pond has been deteriorating. “This is a big project for us,” he said.
“We believe a vertical wall will be more effective than the usual rock riprap.”
In response to an audience question, it was reported new restrooms for Shady and Sunset beaches are in the works. The goal is to have these completed before the 2022 season.
Another question for Rutledge was whether dredging coves would help reduce the blue-green algae issue.
“We try to dredge coves when we can,” he said. “But dredging requires everyone in the cove to remove their lifts and docks earlier than some want. If I were building this lake today, I would eliminate two or three lots at the back of every cove, because it’s tough to keep those areas from silting in.”
In response to another audience question, Rutledge reported hunting is allowed at two of the three wetlands funded by RIZ. The Helen’s Cove and Burchfield Cove wetlands are both open to the public for wetland and upland game bird hunting. The Hughes Cove wetland is not open for hunting because of its proximity to the Fin & Feather Shooters range and nearby buildings. 
The next GM coffee date hasn’t yet been set, but Rutledge said he will hold another one before the holidays and after the 2022 budgets have been approved.
Shane goodman headshot

Moe Russell, Scott Gonzales and some more lake humor

Posted 10/5/2021
By Shane Goodman
Editor and Publisher

I had the privilege of meeting two of the many wonderful people from Lake Panorama recently — both with experiences in the written word — and I wanted to share my experiences.

Taking the high road 
The first was Moe Russell, who told me that he had written a paperback entitled, “Take The High Road to Personal Accountability.” I told him I would buy a copy and check it out, and I did. At 46 pages, it is a short read but packed with personal stories from Moe about self-responsibility, character and integrity.
Moe is a cofounder of Russell Consulting Group, a provider of marketing and financial advice to crop and livestock producers. He has been a frequent business speaker on motivation, planning and entrepreneurship and has authored more than 200 articles for agricultural publications.
Here is a great nugget from his self-improvement book: “A very human tendency as a reaction to the problem is to have the attitude, ‘Who can I blame for this problem?’ When the first two people on earth got in trouble, what happened? The man blamed the woman and the woman blamed the serpent!”
And here is another:  “Jay, a West Point Academy graduate, says there are only four responses a lower-classman cadet can give to an upper classman. They are: ‘Yes, Sir’; ‘No, Sir’; ‘I don’t understand, Sir’; and ‘No excuse, Sir.’ ”
And one more: “I always ask myself, ‘What is right?’ rather than ‘Who is right?’ I have noticed that when I answer that question and act on the answer, people around me begin to change their behavior.”
“Take The High Road to Personal Accountability” is available for purchase on Amazon.com,  barnesandnoble and target.com, among other places.

The family business
The second was the former publisher of this newspaper, Scott Gonzales. I had seen his name for years but never had the privilege of meeting him. We spent a few minutes together after the last 10-Squared Plus meeting at Lake Panorama National Conference Center, and I look forward to more conversations. He offered several compliments on what we have done with the newspaper, as well as his take on some of my opinions about the industry. I appreciated hearing it all, as the input means a lot coming from him.
Like any good newspaperman, Scott asked me a lot of questions and listened attentively. I tried to do the same, and he shared some of the difficulties in seeing parts of his company, its employees and even its presses go away. Selling a family business is rarely an easy thing to do, especially when you continue to live in the area and see the changes others make to something you created.
I have often been called an “old school” publisher, and I take pride in that. I certainly am adept to change and seek it out, but I have a soft spot for history and a deep respect for the people who dedicated much of their lives to this newspaper, the lake community, Panora and all of Guthrie County.
Scott, I look forward to more conversations and sharing the history of this publication with all the residents and property owners of Lake Panorama.

A chuckle
And finally, another round of lake humor. Did you hear about the math teacher who took off all her clothes and went swimming in the lake? She came out with an algae-bra.
Have a great October, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
Editor and Publisher
515-953-4822, ext. 305
Ash eric 556

Dr. Ash awarded Hospital Hero Award

Posted 10/5/2021
Dallas County Hospital and Family Medicine Clinics is pleased to announce Medical Director Dr. Eric Ash has been awarded a IHA (Iowa Hospital Association) Hospital Hero Award.
Dr. Eric Ash, MD, is a Family Medicine Specialist in Perry and has been with Dallas County Hospital since 1998. He also practices in Panora. He graduated from The University of Iowa College of Medicine.
Since 2007, IHA’s Hospital Heroes program has celebrated employees who have acted courageously in a moment’s crisis or who have selflessly served their hospitals and communities throughout their careers. Last year, IHA recognized all hospital employees for their heroic efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to the derecho windstorm in August 2020. For 2021, IHA will return to recognizing 10 hospital employees, including Dr. Ash, at the Annual Meeting who exemplify the passion and purpose of the community hospital mission every day.
Cards for Dr. Eric Ash may be directed to Dallas County Hospital, 610 10th St., Perry, IA 50220.
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Pop Up a Celebratory Snack

Posted 10/5/2021
By Jolene Goodman

(Family Features) Popcorn lovers rejoice: October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month, a seasonal celebration of one of America’s oldest and most beloved snack foods.
As farmers head into the fields to harvest crops, families and friends gather to enjoy this ever-popular treat. Whether it’s prepared on the stovetop, in the microwave or ready to eat from the bag, Americans consume 15 billion quarts of this whole grain each year.
Celebrated for its seed-to-snack simplicity, popcorn is also non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and naturally low in fat and calories, which makes it an easy fit for dietary preferences – and it’s budget-friendly.
Add in popcorn’s irresistible smell, taste and versatility, and it’s easy to understand its popularity. With so many different ways to eat it – plain, buttery or loaded with goodies like Toffee Almond Chocolate Popcorn – popcorn fits many moods and occasions.
Pop up a bowl and join the Popcorn Poppin’ Month celebration with more recipes at popcorn.org.

 Jolene Goodman is the advertising director for Lake Panorama Times.

Toffee Almond Chocolate Popcorn

Total time:
15 minutes, plus 30 minutes chilling time
Servings: 4

4 cups popped popcorn
3/4 cup chopped toasted almonds, divided
6 tablespoons toffee bits, divided
6 ounces milk chocolate, melted
1 ounce dark chocolate, melted

In large bowl, toss popcorn, 1/2 cup almonds and 4 tablespoons toffee bits. Drizzle with melted milk chocolate; toss until well coated.
Transfer to parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Drizzle with dark chocolate; sprinkle with remaining almonds and toffee bits. Refrigerate about 30 minutes, or until set; break into clusters.
Substitution: Use dark chocolate for milk chocolate, if preferred. 
Joseph roth

Joseph P. Roth

Posted 10/5/2021
Joseph “Joe” Patrick Roth passed away Sept. 22, 2021, at his home at Lakeside Village at the age of 85 of natural causes. He was born Sept. 4, 1936, in Audubon, Iowa, to John and Ida (Winters) Roth. Family and friends loved his stories of growing up in this small town with his dog Chub, cars that used as much oil as gasoline, town baseball games and town rivalries.
 He graduated from Audubon High School in 1954. On July 21, 1956, he married Mary Lou Redfern at her parents’ home in Guthrie Center, Iowa. His love of storytelling, sports and photography led him to his first newspaper job at the Audubon newspaper and a lifelong career. Joe was well known within the newspaper business throughout Iowa during his 45-year career. He worked in various capacities as a reporter, editor and business manager for newspapers in Audubon, Ames, Charles City, Clear Lake and Hampton before becoming the CEO of the Mid America Publishing media company (Des Moines) from his office at Hampton Publishing. The Iowa Newspaper Association presented him with its Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contributions to the Iowa newspaper industry in 1995. He also served in the Iowa National Guard in the 1960s, was active in Rotary Club, and served on many boards and other civic organizations throughout the years.
 Joe retired in 2001, and he and his long-time love and wife of 65 years, Mary Lou Roth (Redfern), chose to live full time at Lake Panorama, where they’d had a second home since the mid-1980s. Joe being from Audubon and Mary Lou from Guthrie Center meant they were surrounded by many family members. They loved hosting, playing cards and enjoying lake life. Joe also was able to spend more time pursuing his passions: golfing, hunting, reading and rooting for and attending ISU Cyclone games.
 He is survived by his wife, Mary Lou; son, Chuck (Diane) Roth; daughter, Becky (Scott) Rolfes; son-in-law, Kevin Jacobs; seven grandsons and nine great-grandchildren. Joe was preceded in death by his parents, daughter Teresa Jacobs and his 10 older siblings. (He was the youngest of 11.)
 Cremation has taken place and a Celebration of Life gathering with free food and drinks will be held Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021, from 4-6 p.m. at the Lake Panorama National Conference Center. Memorials may be left to the discretion of the family. Twigg Funeral Home, Panora, was entrusted with his services. 

Jeanne McDermott 

Posted 10/5/2021
Jeanne McDermott of Panora, passed away Aug. 31, 2021, at the Guthrie County Hospital after a long and caring life. She was the mother of seven: Virginia (Jim) Rasmussen of Manilla; Roberta (Allen) Mittelsted of West Union; Patricia McDermott of West Des Moines; John (Marsha) McDermott of Panora; Tim (Carol) McDermott of Jamaica; Mike (Jackie) McDermott of Tinley Park, IL; and Bill (Deb) McDermott of Panora.
Margaret Jeanne Gannon McDermott was born on July 9, 1924, in Greene County, Iowa. Jeanne, as she was called, was the second child in the family of Francis and Neoma (Garland) Gannon and had a soft spot for second children. She lived the early years of her life in the Grand Junction area with the family moving to Jamaica where she graduated from high school in 1942.
Following graduation, she enrolled in the nursing program at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines where she attained the status of registered nurse. She was first employed at Mercy Hospital and later worked at the Greene County Hospital in Jefferson and the clinic of Dr. William Seidler in Jamaica. She also did private duty nursing.
 She married James Edward McDermott on Nov. 9, 1946, at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Jamaica after Ed returned from WWII, and they made their home in Jamaica. Following his death in 1972, Jeanne later moved to the Lake Panorama area where she most recently was a resident of Lakeside Village.
 She was an active member of St. Cecilia Catholic Church, and her family could usually find her in her prayer corner reciting the Rosary on one of her many sets of Rosary beads or the Divine Word Chaplet, a very special prayer for her.
 Jeanne loved playing bridge with the women of Panora and continued to play well into her nineties. She was both an Iowa and Iowa State fan following the football and basketball teams. Her greatest joy was that of following the activities of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
 She will be remembered by her family for the Snickers in the freezer, the pop or beer in the refrigerator and her insatiable taste for sweets, especially fine chocolates and fudge. She had her money ready for the annual Christmas card game, and Casey’s pizza was on the menu at family gatherings.
 Survivors include her seven children and spouses, sister-in-law Phyllis Gannon of Rippey, and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.
 She was preceded in death by her parents, husband, brother Eugene Gannon, sister Marie Gannon, brother-in-law Art McDermott and his wife Rita.
 Funeral services were held Sept. 4, 2021, at St. Cecilia Catholic Church, Panora. Burial in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Jamaica. Memorials may be made to St. Cecilia Catholic Church, Guthrie County Hospital, and the Jamaica Community Building.


Posted 10/5/2021
Paul Brewster had a hole-in-one at Panorama West on the 144-yard fifth hole in a practice round before men’s league Aug. 24. Witnesses were Jerry Pieper, Ron Wells, Scott Kurtz and Kevin Wellik.
On Sept. 10, Rick Strawn from Ankeny scored an ace using a pitching wedge on the 148-yard fourth hole. Witnesses were David Olberding, Ron Koppes, Mark Taylor and Brian Byrnes.
 Each year, those who get a hole-in-one at Panorama West have their name added to a sign in the pro shop and receive a handmade plaque in recognition of their achievement.

Jay and Jan Pattee thank everyone for their patronage over the years, and they hope there will be another variety store in Panora in the near future.

Posted 10/5/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

It was 1998 when Jay and Jan Pattee opened a Ben Franklin store in Panora. They had owned the Perry Ben Franklin since 1983 and decided having a second store would be a wise business decision. They sold the Perry store in 2019 and soon will close the Panora location to retire after more than 40 years of working together in the “dime” store industry.
“Jay is 69 years old, and I’m 67,” Jan says. “We can’t do this forever. Although we still feel young, the best thing for us to do is retire and enjoy more family time.”
The Pattees have been looking for a buyer since November 2020. Several people have expressed interest, but to date no contracts have been signed. Liquidation will begin Oct. 14, and the store will close Dec. 22.
The family legacy of owning and working in Ben Franklin stores began with Jan’s grandparents, Walt and Blanche Soll. In the 1930s, they started buying and fixing up buildings across Iowa and opening Ben Franklin stores. They did this in Cherokee, Britt, Northwood, Belmond and Adel.
In 1952, their daughter, Betty Soll, met and married Philip “Chick” Schwarzkopf. The couple bought the Adel Ben Franklin in 1954, two weeks after their daughter Jan was born. They bought the Perry Ben Franklin in 1968. The Perry store operated under hired managers, while they focused on the Adel location.
Jay and Jan met in Dubuque. She was attending Clarke College and he was at Loras College. She was planning a career teaching music. He majored in German, while also taking some business classes.
“After growing up in the Ben Franklin stores in Adel and Perry, I told my dad when I left for college I would never work in a dime store again,” Jan says.
They had been married two years and were expecting their first child when Chick Schwarzkopf asked the couple in 1980 if they would take over management of the Perry store.
“We were just out of college and decided we’d give it a try for a little while,” Jay says.
They bought the store in 1983 from Jan’s parents.
“This was during the farm crisis, and local retail businesses were beginning to decline,” Jay says. “But we took a leap of faith and made it work.”
Jay says so-called “variety” stores like Ben Franklin peaked in 1979 and have been on a downward trend since. But the Pattees kept their two stores thriving by offering a wide selection of merchandise.
“We like to say, if you can’t find it here, you probably don’t need it,” Jay jokes.
The couple believes the future remains bright for a variety store in Panora, where shoppers can pick up a spontaneous birthday gift, buy a card for a friend, or get swim suits, life jackets and other summer items for lake living, without having to drive to the metro area or shop online.
Besides the wide variety, nostalgia is part of the appeal.
“Customers often talk about having shopped in a similar store with their grandmother,” Jay says.
Ben Franklin Retail Stores Inc., which was a full-line wholesale distributor, filed for bankruptcy in 1996. It closed company-owned stores, but franchises like the Perry Ben Franklin remained open. A company in Wisconsin purchased the name and continued to collect a franchise fee, without offering merchandise.
That led the Pattees to rename their Perry store Ben’s Five and Dime, and they used the same name for the Panora store.
“We copyrighted this name in Iowa, and it has served us well,” Jay says.
Dennis Jorgensen, a retired pharmacist now living in Kansas City, gets much of the credit for bringing the Pattees to Panora. He owned the building where their business is located.
“He wanted to build a new Medicap pharmacy on the east edge of town and was relentless about finding a new business to fill the building,” Jay says. “He didn’t want to have it sitting empty. He kept talking to us about the possibility of opening a Ben Franklin here and finally made us an offer we just couldn’t refuse.”
The center wall between what had been two buildings had already been removed, but the lower level of each side was unused cellar space. To accommodate the amount of merchandise the couple planned to carry, they knocked through the lower walls in two places. Two arches created in the brick walls allow customers to move throughout the lower level.
In 2009, a two-story addition was added to the south side of the building.
“We had to dig out behind the existing building, which gave us the chance to add parking and a back entrance,” Jay says. “We have customers who don’t like to use the stairs, so they shop upstairs, then drive around to the back to park and shop downstairs.”
The couple’s main supplier since the Ben Franklin bankruptcy has been Variety Distributors in Harlan. It is a buying cooperative, and both Jay and Jan have served on the cooperative’s board of directors. About half of their merchandise comes from Variety Distributors. The other half is purchased through up to 80 different vendors.
Merchandise offered in the Panora store has changed over time, with more home décor, apparel and items that appeal to Lake Panorama property owners added. Yet many favorites remain, including a large selection of fabric and crafting supplies, children’s books and toys, batteries, kitchen supplies and much more that fill every nook and cranny of the store.
The Pattees give credit to their employees for much of the success of the Panora business.
“We’ve had many great employees who have worked so hard for many years for us,” Jan says. “Some are retired now and some will be with us until closing day. They’ve had the same sense of pride in this business that we have, and we’re going to miss them.”
Jay says he’s enjoyed helping young people in their first work experience.
“It’s fun to help them learn the ropes in the retail business, while they also provide the labor we need,” he says.
Through the years, the Pattees have used a single word to help new employees.
“We ask them to think about getting the ‘GIST’ of what we do. The G stands for ‘greet’ the customer. The I is to ‘inquire’ if you can help. The S is to ‘suggest’ an item that might substitute for something they want if we don’t have it. And the T is to ‘thank’ the customer with a smile as they leave,” Jay says.
Jan says it’s going to be difficult to say goodbye.
“The people of Panora, Lake Panorama and many surrounding communities have been so supportive,” she says. “Though Jay has run this store for more than 20 years, I’ve really only been working here about three years, since we sold the Perry store. But I’ve met so many amazing people and have loved hearing the stories they share.”
Both Jan and Jay say they want to thank everyone for their patronage over the years, and they hope there will be another variety store in Panora in the near future.
“In the meantime, Andrea Tunink, who purchased the Perry Ben’s Five and Dime from us in 2019, is running a full-line variety store and would love to get to know you,” says Jan.
The Pattees say even though liquidation of the current merchandise will begin soon, new items will continue to arrive to keep the shelves stocked.
“We have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas items coming,” Jan says.
The couple has three children and six grandchildren, all living in Minnesota. Jay also has a sister in Minnesota, and the couple owns a lake cabin there.
“The cabin is a grandkid magnet, so we’ll spend more time there in the summers,” Jay says.
Home base will continue to be Perry. They raised their children in a house there, and, since 2015, have lived in a loft over their former store. They also hope to travel.
“Although unlike some people, we’ll be traveling on a ‘dime store’ retirement budget,” Jay says with a smile. “We’ll have to wait and see how far that takes us.” 

The facility will be open to LPA members and their guests.

Posted 10/5/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

The physical features of the Lake Panorama dog park are nearly complete including the fencing, gates and entrance. The ground within the park has been seeded and fertilized. Now rain is needed for the grass seed to germinate and establish a solid turfgrass base before winter.
Bryce Arganbright, Arganbright Construction of Panora, is the contractor handling the fencing, gates and covered entrance.
The park is located on the east side of Lake Panorama at the corner of Sage Trail and RV Road. A 6-foot-tall chain link fence 400 feet long and 150 feet wide surrounds the park. There are two sections, one for small dogs and one for large dogs. A single entrance will be protected by a keyless lock. Once inside this gate, users can choose a gate to either the large dog or small dog areas.
Crushed rock has been used to create a 4-foot-wide walking path along the inside of the fence and extends another 1-foot under and outside the fence to provide a weed barrier and keep dogs from digging.
The Lake Panorama Association has provided some in-kind contributions to the park. LPA staff used a skid loader with a soil conditioning attachment to prepare the ground for grass seed. The LPA also will install a driveway and gravel parking lot adjacent to the park to the east.
The LPA maintenance staff trenched a water line from the golf course to the main entrance of the dog park, which will supply two water fountains for dogs, one in each section of the park.
Because the LPA will be providing ongoing maintenance once the park is complete, the association is donating two picnic tables, one for each section. These will be the same types of tables used at the lake’s three beaches, which can be moved by the mower to different locations as needed.
Two red maple trees, donated by the Isom Tree Farm, will be planted in November, with one in the center of each of the two sections.
Amenities inside the park fence yet to be added are four stations where bags for dog waste will be available and a waste receptacle near the entrance gate. Signs will be posted for responsible use.
The facility will be open to LPA members and their guests. Once the park is ready to open, members will need to contact the LPA office to receive the key code. Opening of the park is expected for spring/summer 2022 and will depend on how quickly the turfgrass gets established and all amenities are in place.
At the time of the July 30 Beach Ball, private donations for the dog park stood at $45,000. The Friends board voted to provide another $5,000 from the Beach Ball proceeds to reach the $50,000 goal.
A sign recognizing donors of $500 or more will be posted at the dog park. Donations continue to be accepted to help with final construction expenses, plus future needs such as turfgrass fertilizer, weed control and dog waste bags.
Tax-deductible donations can be made at any time by check payable to Friends and mailed to Friends of Lake Panorama, P.O. Box 488, Panora, Iowa, 50216. Donations also can be made using Venmo @Friends-Panorama, or by credit card on the Friends website at friendsoflakepanorama.org.


Posted 10/5/2021
The committee that helped plan and raise funds for the Lake Panorama dog park will hold two fundraising events this fall, one in October and one in November.
First up is the Going to the Dogs Walk/Run, which will be Saturday, Oct. 16 at Lake Panorama National. Participants will use the cart paths on the back nine of the LPN golf course to walk or run, with or without a dog.
No advance registration is required. Participants are asked to sign in at Spikes between the first and 10th tee boxes between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Freewill donations will be appreciated and used by Friends of Lake Panorama for future costs of the dog park.
A similar event was held a year ago, which gave those interested the opportunity to donate money to Friends for the dog park and see the park’s planned location mid-way through the walk/run. This year, participants will see the park as it nears completion. Members of the dog park committee will be at the dog park to talk with those who stop to view the progress.
The second event is Furry Family Photos on Sunday, Nov. 21 at Twin Vines, 2821 Highway 44, west of Panora. Families can bring their pets for photos to be taken at decorated areas perfect for holiday photos. Families without pets also are welcome. Volunteers will assist with the photos, using a camera or smartphone provided by a family member.
Twin Vines is donating the use of their venue for this fundraiser. Free will donations will be accepted, with all funds going to Friends of Lake Panorama to support the dog park.
Reservations are recommended to provide separation between pets and families and to ensure there is adequate parking and volunteers present. Times will be available between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Call Julie Tibbles, 515-480-9816.

A building purchased and renovated by Keith and Julie Fulton now houses two businesses. 

Posted 10/5/2021
By Susan Thompson 
Lake Panorama Times

In April 2018, Reshape Fitness Studio opened its doors on the east side of Panora’s town square, in a space that was about 1,600 square feet. A little more than three years later, the business settled in late July into a new 4,000-square-foot location on the east edge of Panora.
Sue Bump and Julie Fulton are co-owners of Reshape Fitness Studio. Fulton and her husband, Keith, moved to Lake Panorama five years ago and work together in their family business, Heartland Proteins. Bump and her husband, Neil, and family have lived in Panora for 11 years. Bump works as a dental assistant at Lakeshore Family Dentistry.
Sue and Julie built a friendship five years ago discussing health, fitness and wellness. Bump previously taught local fitness classes, and Fulton was completing her yoga certification.
“We started talking about creating a place where families and friends in our community could actively work together to reach their fitness needs and goals,” Bump says. “People like to be around other people, inspiring each other and helping keep each other accountable.”
In their first location, the pair was able to create the cozy studio feel they were after.
“As we got busier, more clients joined us, class sizes increased, and we decided we needed a bigger space,” Bump says.
Keith and Julie Fulton purchased an existing building on the east side of Panora that had been part of the Brokers International campus. They did extensive remodeling, both inside and out, with new paint, lighting and signage. Four large windows were added to the west side of the building to let in light, and two existing garage doors on the east were made functional again.
The new studio has a dedicated yoga room, new equipment that includes two treadmills, elliptical trainer and rowing machine, and a sauna. The larger space made it possible to offer 24/7 access memberships, plus more classes. Now two to three classes are held most mornings and afternoons, seven days a week. While both Bump and Fulton teach some classes, they also have seven other instructors — Sandy Leiferman, Brittany Harney, Janie Kokakis, Kellie Lewis, Traci Kauffman, Kari Sebern and Kim Kent.
Looking to the future, Bump and Fulton say they would love to create and provide class options for seniors and male clients. Currently, Kim Kent and Bump visit Lakeside Village to instruct a senior fitness class weekly.
With the Reshape Fitness Studio space determined, the Fultons turned their attention to the north side of the building.
“Keith and I love looking in consignment shops when we travel, and I’ve often thought something like that might be fun to try in Panora,” Julie says.
Once again, a friend of Julie’s is now her business partner, this time in Restyle Décor & Consigned Furniture.
Carol VanKirk and Fulton met a year ago through a mutual friend. They both are retired school counselors, so they quickly found plenty of common ground.
“Carol’s niche is home décor, and I like the consignment furniture aspect,” Fulton says. “The idea of opening this business together evolved, and we decided to combine our interests and give it a try.”
“People are always moving in and out of the area,” VanKirk says. “We’ve had many customers who have stopped in to shop and said Panora needs something like this.”
All the home décor in the store — including pillows, throws, rugs and wall art —  is new. There also is a wide selection of new gift items, including candles, kitchenware, lanterns, seasonal decor and lake-related pieces.
Most of the furniture is consigned, although sometimes they will purchase something directly for resale. They advertise all furniture in the store as “clean, gently used, affordable and finer quality.”
There is a special “sale” room, with items that have been marked down, or items a customer might consider refurbishing. This room includes a special Abigail Annie’s Corner, with décor that remained after that store closed in 2017.
“We keep our prices competitive,” VanKirk says. “I think we’re filling a need in western Iowa and have a place people can shop for home décor and furniture without having to drive to Des Moines. We hope they will stop in and take a look, because we think we’re offering something different and unique.”
A grand opening for both businesses was August 29. Restyle’s fall hours include a special “sip and shop” event each Wednesday 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.; Thursday-Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. To view the Reshape Fitness Studio schedule and pricing options, download the app MINDBODY, or go to clients.mindbodyonline.com.
2021 q3  chrismtas lights photo

Recent funds will be used to add more pedestals and poles for additional areas to plug in the Christmas displays and strings of lights in Guthrie Center.

Posted 10/5/2021
The 10 Squared Women of Guthrie County held its third quarter 2021 meeting both live and with the option of virtual attendance and voting. Three organizations were presented to the group.
First, Laura Stetzel spoke on the Guthrie Center Christmas Lights project, which is the annual Christmas lights that run all through Mitchell Park in Guthrie Center.
Next, Melanie Parker presented for the Guthrie Center and Panora Fire Departments. The Guthrie Center fire department is in need of several sets of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including (but not limited to) boots, helmets, coats, pants, and self-contained breathing apparatus, or SCBA.
Last but not least, Paulette Chambers spoke on behalf of the Panora Garden Club. The women learned a lot more about what this club does, and several current goals include updating Heritage Park which is located near Lake Lumber along the bike trail. They would like to update the water fountain here as well for the biking traffic.
After hearing all three presentations, the group announced a lump sum of $10,500 was presented to Guthrie Center Christmas Lights project. This consists of 10 Squared Women member donations and several employer matches.
The Christmas Park Lighting representatives Pam Kunkle and Mary Jo Laughery were thrilled with the monetary donation received from 10 Squared Women of Guthrie County. The funds will be used to add more pedestals and poles for additional areas to plug in the Christmas displays and strings of lights. The committee will also be replacing the C-9 bulbs used in the milk jugs that light the path of the entire park along with new commercial drop cords. They hope to purchase at least one new display as well for this holiday season. Many Guthrie County businesses, civic groups, non-for-profit organizations, family memorials, youth groups, etc. set up displays at Mitchell Park every year. Any business, family or group is welcome to snag a spot at the park to put up a display as well. For more information about how to do this, or if you would like to volunteer with the set-up of the lights, displays, milk-jugs, etc., contact Pam Kunkle or Mary Jo Laughery.
Mitchell Park is located on the west end of Guthrie Center, just off Highway 44 (near the City’s swimming pool). The attraction brings visitors to Guthrie County from all over the state of Iowa and has gained state-wide media attention from The Des Moines Register and KCCI Channel 8 in the past. The Park is lit nightly beginning Thanksgiving evening and remains lit through mid-January. Every evening a line of cars can be seen slowly enjoying the displays at the park, and your family is encouraged to spend an evening or two doing the same.
“It really sunk in when we received the big check that ‘we DID win the vote.’ ” said co-organizer, Mary Jo Laughery. “With this donation, we hope to keep the Christmas charm alive in our small town for many more years to come. Thank you all so much. You make a difference to so many.”
10 Squared Women is focused on helping and donating to local organizations that vow to put those funds to work locally. The funds are used in various projects to benefit Guthrie County community’s projects and residents. This donation takes the 10 Squared Women’s donations since inception to $207,050.
The 10 Squared Women’s group holds meetings quarterly at Lake Panorama Conference Center the fourth Tuesday in February, May, August and November, subject to change. The last meeting for 2021 will be on Tuesday, Nov. 16 (held a week earlier due to Thanksgiving). Members in attendance hear from three nominated organizations, drawn from “the hat” of member-nominated organizations at random, and vote on the winning cause that night.
The group currently has approximately 95 members with 20 organizations nominated. They strongly encourage additional philanthropic organizations and new members to come forward. These have included Cities of Yale and Jamaica park improvements; City of Bagley (Library project); Daycare & Preschool programs in Adair and Guthrie Center (KidZone) and Panora (Little Panther); Guthrie Center and Panora Fire Departments; School Backpack programs a AC/GC, West Central Valley and Panorama; as well as programs that benefit residents from all corners of Guthrie County: Guthrie County Helping Hands (Habitat for Humanity projects in Stuart, Casey, Guthrie Center, Adair, Panora, Yale, Menlo, Jamaica, and Bagley), New Opportunities, Panora P.E.T.S., Guthrie Activity Center, Tori’s Angels Foundation, Guthrie County Sheriff’s Chaplains, Guthrie County Historical Village Foundation, Guthrie County Hospital Foundation, Guthrie County Arts Council, St. Thomas More Center, and now, the Guthrie Center Christmas Lights project.
10 Squared Women members are encouraged to talk to their friends, neighbors and family about the group and to share the group within their social circles. Members are not required to attend meetings, however, in order for their vote to count, must be in attendance at the live meeting or virtually. All members are expected to write their donation checks whether they can attend the meeting and vote or not.
The group is continuously looking for new members who are excited about helping their communities and Guthrie County. To learn how to get involved, visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/10squaredwomengc or email 10squaredgc@gmail.com. Membership Forms and Frequently Asked Questions can be found on their Facebook page or by contacting them through Facebook or email.
Tensquaredmenk9 copy

Guthrie County K-9 Program is recipient of 10 Squared Plus Men donation of $16,000

Posted 10/5/2021
The Guthrie County K-9 Program was chosen as the recipient of the most recent 10 Squared Plus Men donation for $16,000. Pictured from left is Deputy Jeremy Bennet, Sheriff Marty Arganbright, Dennis Flanery (who nominated them) and Deputy Shane Jones, along with K-9 Urs in the front row.
This was the second $16,000 donation by Ten Squared Men in 2021. The group will meet again on Nov. 18, and anyone interested in bettering Guthrie County is welcome to join the group by emailing b.monaghan@gcsbank.com. Ten Squared Men is closing in on gifts exceeding $250,000 since its inception. Combining  with Ten Squared Women, the two Guthrie County entities will exceed $500,000 of gifts in 2022. Your cost to be a member is less than $1 per day, and that will allow you to be a part of one of the most influential groups in Guthrie County. Ten Squared Men has a goal of 200 members.
Thornberry curt.1314.w 768x1152

Learning about PRIDE

Posted 10/5/2021
By Curt Thornberry
PRIDE President

As the oldest community in Guthrie County, Panora has a long history of being a commercial center in the region. Today, the Panora and Lake Panorama Area Economic Development group, referred to locally as PRIDE, serves as the principal economic development group in the Panora and Lake Panorama area. PRIDE traces its roots in Panora to the 1980s and even earlier, beginning as an informal group of business leaders looking to attract, support and grow area businesses and promote housing.
In 1987 the corporation was formed called Panora Economic Development Corporation.  It was initially formed as a for-profit corporation.  After agreeing that the organization should be a non-profit, in 2000 the Panora Economic Development Corporation created the new corporation as a non-profit.  Prior to 1987 the group was an unincorporated entity known as “Panora Regional Industrial Development Enterprise” which is where the name PRIDE was derived.
Today, the organization is comprised of business and community leaders from Panora, Lake Panorama and surrounding areas. PRIDE also partners with other development groups, including Midwest Partnership and the Greater Des Moines Partnership, to gain greater access to development resources and the reach of larger organizations.
Our Board of Directors is made up of Chris Arganbright (Bryton Insurance Agency), Dave Beidelman, Jeff Bump (Bump & Bump Law Offices), Mark Cates (Guthrie County State Bank), Julie Dent-Zajicek (Iowa Trust & Savings Bank), Leo Etcheto (Nutriom), Dennis Flanery (Peoples Bank), Lisa Grossman (City of Panora), Dave Grove (Edward Jones Company), Shawn Holloway (Panorama Community Schools), Tom Neel (Lake Lumber Company), Andy Randol (Panora Telco), John Rutledge (Lake Panorama Association), Steve Roe (Raccoon River Watershed), Dave Ryan, Frank Teale and myself.
The Officers are President: Curt Thornberry (Panora Telco), 1st Vice President: Mark Cates (Guthrie County State Bank), 2nd Vice President: John Rutledge (Lake Panorama Association), 3rd Vice President: Chris Arganbright (Bryton Insurance Agency), Secretary: Jeff Bump (Bump & Bump Law Offices), Treasurer: Andrew Randol (Panora Telco), Revolving Loan Fund: Julie Dent-Zajicek (Iowa Trust & Savings Bank), Ex officio Past President: Shawn Holloway (Panorama Schools).

The PRIDE Membership includes:
Ben’s Five and Dime
BH Appraisal Services, LLC
Brian & JoAnn Johnson
Bryton Insurance Agency
Bump & Bump Law Offices
City of Panora
Dallas County Hospital – Panora Clinic
Dan & Bette Donahey
Dave Beidelman
DICA Marketing Company
Edward Jones Company
EyeCare Associates
Farmers State Bank
Frank Teale
Garnet Enterprises, LLC
Guthrie County State Bank
GCSB Investment Center
Guthrie County Extension
Guthrie County Hospital
Guthrie County REC
Hometown Foods
Iowa Trust & Savings Bank
Lake Lumber Company
Lake Panorama Association
Lake Panorama Barge
Lake Panorama Realty
Lake Panorama Times
Panora Auto Parts – NAPA
Panora Nursing & Rehab
Panora Telco
Panora Telecommunications
Panorama Schools
Panorama Gardens
Peoples Bank
Raccoon River Watershed
Stan Landon
Total Financial Solutions
Twigg Funeral Home
Twin Vines
Whitetail Properties
We typically meet the first Wednesday of each month from noon to 1 p.m. at Lake Panorama National Conference Center. If you are interested in joining PRIDE or learning more, please reach out to me at 641-755-2424 or via email at curtthornberry@panoratelco.com.